etsy favourites and back to school

7 September 2010

For some reason I feel I'm back to school myself this year. I can smell autumn in the air, Anya started nursery twice a week, she went for a couple settling sessions and really enjoyed it, so will start properly next week. Last night I read a book after 4 month! and went to bed before midnight, felt really good. I've been thinking about my work balance, reorganizing house, plans for loft conversion, which is starting in October! and generally what to do next. What about you? how is your first September week? by the way don't you just love some of these?

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  1. The weekend was gorgeous here - beautiful sunny Sept days. But then things have changed now and it feels like Autumn is just round the corner. I'm in the mood for clearing out, sorting and getting new photographs framed. A strange kind of spring cleaning, just the wrong time of year. I'm also trying to enjoy a little more quiet time with Ruby now that Luca is back at school. The summer ws busy and noisey, although good fun. You found some lovely things on Etsy. Love that Juliet blouse and the hobo bag.


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