Candy shop


3 October 2012

And one more inspirational woman from Sweden.

There is a candy shop called Pärlans Konfektyr in Swedish Stockholm which you can find at Nytorgsgatan 38. Small and discreet store is run by Leyli who made this place exceptional based on a recipe from the 30s and 40s. Everything is manufactured by hand, cut by hand and packed by hand. In a pleasant atmosphere of the pre-war style interior you can buy paper packed candy bars or a gift box with decorative ribbon. Everything is focused on quality rather than quantity. When I will be heading to Stockholm it will be on my must see list.

See you next week!...Petra

video by Marcus Werner

dining with kids


17 September 2012

Hi , it's Petra here today....

When I was a child I often used to hear 'don't speak when eating'. Even at nursery school we said before lunch "good tasting without talking". Now at home we do talk at the table, and a lot about all sorts of things and it is a good time. But I found myself that I have one 'rule': no toys, books etc, on the table during dining. But I think the rules are to be changed, or do the exception..... For instance last weekend, I made a surprise for the afternoon tea: I drew a road on the "tablecloth" from wrapping paper and Hugo while eating was dealing with traffic jam, delivering the raspberries, moving traffic signs. ... it was different and fun dining. Try it:-) 

More inspiration for dining with kids here.

See you next week!

photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss

sunday suppers + the makers


13 September 2012

I mentioned Sunday Suppers and project The Makers here few times. Both equally inspiring and with wonderful photography and styling. Don't you just love the flower styling and those little desserts ? mnam....

homemade popsicles


14 June 2012

Last week I made strawberry yogurt popsicles for the party. It was so busy and so much was happening I forgot to take them out the freezer. So just had two for my breakfast. I saw few receipts around blogs and on pinterest so decided to have a go myself. I usually can't be bothered with measuring things so I just mixed everything together. I mashed strawberries, added greek yogurt, sugar, freshly squeezed lime juice (only little bit), and to make it  a bit more creamier added coconut milk (tiny bit a again). For 10 of them I used whole pot of yogurt. When it comes to sugar, strawberries and milk just add bit by bit to your taste, to make either more fruity or creamy. I also made couple of them only yogurt mixed with peach jam. yummy. 
photos and styling by me

katie & nathan


28 May 2012

Nikole from Herriot Grace started  a new series on her blog called for the love of pie. As you might have noticed from my posts I'm not a huge cook but its one of the things I would like to change this year. I tell myself its because of lack of time but honestly it's all about prioritising. 
First of the guest series on Nikole's blog is from Nathan & Katie Williams. They are couple behind Kinfolk Magazine and remind me very much my sister and her partner and also my friend Aud. In my eyes they are people who enjoy cooking (my sisters boyfriend is a wonderful baker:), live in smaller moments, and mainly have something very calm about them. I aspire that very much as I feel I'm constantly running somewhere, being impatient and restless. 
Head over here to find how to bake this apple pie. 
have a good day!
Kate & Nathan's personal blog.- hearblack

today we baked


23 May 2012


Sun is out, it feels like summer, finally. We ate a full box of cherries with A. today and baked cherry muffins. 6 muffins + pint of milk + me + my daughter + 1/2 hour = nothing left. Shame on me, going for run in the morning....
photos by me

kinfolk+sunday suppers


4 March 2012

Both equally inspiring sites. Photos taken by Sunday Suppers ( go over to their site for wonderful food styling) and  Kinfolk - with their manifesto, magazineand super idea of  dinner series 12 dinners, 12 cities, once every month...( beautiful calming video)

good monday morning


13 June 2011

Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 12.12.18
hope you had a great weekend
from here

mnam mnam


24 May 2011

the apple galette from rachelchew on Vimeo.

sunday suppers


31 August 2009

I am not a big cook but these pictures makes me drool. Sunday Suppers is a project of chef Casey Solomon and photographer Karen Mordechai. Have a look at their blog. Receipts, dinner party inspiration and beautiful photos...

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