homemade popsicles

14 June 2012

Last week I made strawberry yogurt popsicles for the party. It was so busy and so much was happening I forgot to take them out the freezer. So just had two for my breakfast. I saw few receipts around blogs and on pinterest so decided to have a go myself. I usually can't be bothered with measuring things so I just mixed everything together. I mashed strawberries, added greek yogurt, sugar, freshly squeezed lime juice (only little bit), and to make it  a bit more creamier added coconut milk (tiny bit a again). For 10 of them I used whole pot of yogurt. When it comes to sugar, strawberries and milk just add bit by bit to your taste, to make either more fruity or creamy. I also made couple of them only yogurt mixed with peach jam. yummy. 
photos and styling by me


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