just one autumn saturday

9 October 2010

cleaning house after two day photo shoot, can't say anything but it was fun!.. cooking dinner for friends, listening music, browsing flickr...tomorrow hopefully long walk, kicking leaves and breathing that beautiful autumn air. I was told yesterday I'm very nostalgic, perhaps melancholic..but doesn't autumn makes you even more? have a great weekend!
drawersPieces of Life_MG_7487Chickpeas0327 yellow pear tomatoesP1070993Cuba Gallery: Australia / Melbourne / St Kilda / Summer / landscape / beach / portrait / blue sky / clouds / ocean / sea / wave / water ripple / background texture / color / sunset / woodhttp://mespetitescuriosites.blogspot.com/neutralswhy does it feel like fall?
all photos from my flickr favourites, click on them to see more...thank you


  1. I know what you mean about autumn making you feel nostalgic. I'm usually a pretty old-fashioned girl but something about the autumn makes me even more so.

  2. I agree too. Autumn brings on warm feelings of cozy nights home, red wine, candles, pumpkins outside the front door, warm comfort food, a cozy soft blanket to snuggle under. Lovely.


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