6 January 2011

+ i want to live more, enjoy simple things and little moments, spent more time in present

+ i want to divide more work and family life, working from home makes it really difficult, but have to try
+ i want enjoy more what I have, buy less and get out circle - work more, have less time, buy more
fendi shopping
+ i want read more, I finished a book last night, almost forgot how good is to read, blame the computer:)
+ i want to spend more time with my little A.
+ i want to exercise more, get more out, go to gym more
Exodus of the year
+ i want to cook more
Snow & Taxis
+ i want to stop thinking about our house as never ending diy project
+ want to travel more
so lets see what this year is going to bring. I wish you all happy and successful one!
what about you? do you want to change anything this year??
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  1. Well said, I have been reading the Power of Less and zen habits blog and it really helped me focus and be present, but this is just the start, but a good one.
    Happy New Year V,
    Love from, Dx

  2. Veru, to je moc pekny.
    Az me to dojalo. Moc drzim palce, at te tvoje prani vedou v tomhle roce 11.
    Pa, K

  3. I have the same thoughts exactly for my new year! I am home all day and sometimes it can allow you to be come too complacent. For me, I need to remind myself to just be in the now, and not worry about the next meal to cook, the next activity for my babies, the next blog post, the next house project, and just let it all come into place with a little less effort and more creativity. Lets see how it goes . . . but it does make me happy to know that I am not "alone." Happy New Year! xo Samantha

  4. Just like my New year Resolutions... Have a nice 2011. Irene from BCN.


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