petits espaces

9 February 2011

These images are mixture of 3 very little French apartments. One of them is only 16 sq.m. I personally get the best ideas for my home when I'm space or budget restricted, and although not sure if I would want to sleep on the red bed, ..there is no banister or wall?:) like these very much.
Picture 18Picture 19Picture 16Picture 14Picture 20Picture 13Picture 22Picture 21Picture 26Picture 25
all photos marie claire


  1. Krásné! Rozhodně bych neřekla, ře jsou tak maličké :) Hlavně ten první...hned bych se přestěhovala!

  2. Some great ideas. I think the first image looks like a dolls house, and I agree with you, I don't think I'd sleep at all for fear of falling out of the red bed!

  3. These are fantastic! Love how there is such beauty in a tiny space. That kitchen is wonderful.


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