new camera

3 March 2011

I just bought a new camera, so every spare minute of the day I spend walking around a taking random pictures. LOVE IT. bliss...sorry for lack of the post this week but it's one of those when you feel behind with everything, can't catch up and work keeps piling up. By the way the cabinet in the dining area is eBay bargain, which I painted last week white and dark grey inside and last two photos is painted our first floor landing, yes black, we still can't decide what to do with the staircase, M. wants a carpet and me - I just want to rip it all out and paint the stairs white... let's see. He should really go on holiday ( and I do it when he is  away:). see you later..


  1. Love your camera excitement, I get it. However where do you find the time to sell your art work, decorate and keep such a lovely home....Dxx

  2. Spindle staircases....swoooon! :) x

  3. Beautiful images of a lovely home and some very cute little toes :)

  4. Sweets images!... My favorites: baby´s photos



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