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10 May 2011

I don't really know story behind this photo, but let me know what you think...collecting? hoarding? show off? passion? doing it for own pleasure or just for the final photo? I do admire people for dedication like that, but personally think it's a bit...perhaps vanity? maybe I'm totally wrong...perhaps I just don't really understand collecting things...what do you think?
Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 01.43.49
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  1. I don't like collecting things, I rather prefer collecting memories and good people around:)
    I'd love to have an analogue camera. And one camera would be enough;)
    I like your blog!
    have a good day!:)

  2. i think it is a show-off thing...& oh would i love just 1 or 2 of these cameras to play with!!!

  3. It's a spleen!



  4. It looks certainly obsessive, unless it is the Lost and Found photo section of some touristic destination!

  5. Gosh, that's a lot of cameras! I think I collection like this can be more habit that anything else. This collection show dedication. I wonder how many of these work!

  6. I think collecting is about an enormous love for a specific object. A kind of addiction.
    I collect erasers. And it wasn't something I decided to do, but one day (when I was about 11) I realised I had a lot of erasers and I was very fond of them.
    You don't start a collection consciously. It happens to you.....

    Friends saw my collection and decided they would collect erasers too, but after a few weeks they forgot about them, and the 'collection' was thrown away. They lacked the passion.

    I collect erasers for about 35 years, but still can get excited if I see a beautiful one.
    And I still remember how happy I was when I dreamed about an eraser in the form of a baby-sneaker (why aren't they made yet?), and the disappointment when I realised it was a only dream!.

    It's a passion. Not vanity, not showing-off, not for others. It is just for me........

  7. Wow, I find this amazing. I only have "mini collections" myself but I do understand the drive and passion of a collector. You have to be "un poco loco"- a little mad -but it's a kind of inspired madness. I for one find it fascinating.

    What scares me more is a lack of passion.

    Nice blog, by the way. I'll sign-up as a follower.

  8. thank you all !:) Irene - I never collected anything even as a child, I think I just didn't have the patience so I'm not a collector as such but I like to "collect", surround myself with nice "stuff"...and I suppose if you spend years collecting something and it looks impressive as this who wouldn't want to show it off ... a bit..

  9. It is a really impressive collection!


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