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3 May 2011

As much as I love white interiors sometimes I have a really strong desire to paint the whole house in dark grey, black and navy, snuggle up on a sofa a relax...Not sure how long I would be able to live like that, but it's very tempting...and that light from the first photo, I WANT it for our kitchen!please
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  1. I feel exactly the same about colours at home... I love white.... but also grey, blue, dark green, moustard yellow... Thank you for your wonderfull blog and for sharing....

  2. I have to say, I felt the same way and then we painted our living room a dark gray/blue... love it! Does make the room much more cozy and the wall color doesn't change drastically from day to night which I feel like lighter rooms do!

    And I love the gray paint color in the top photo!

  3. Beautiful houses, who could! As for massive surfaces in dark colours, then you need a lot of light, it absorbs so much. It is just physics I'm afraid. But just a single wall, it is like that opens the space, eats the light going in that direction, like a hole or an open window, like fresh air coming.

  4. I want that floor lamp also :) Anyways, i don't think I'm ready for dark colors yet. I prefer white or any light color as I find it more calming and easy to decorate :)


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