3 June 2011

Finally I can show you the finished posters...I still do my pictures and she still paints but back in winter we decided  to do a little project, with my friend Audrey, so here it is. So far we have 4 posters, two  in  French, two in English. They are going to be available from Monday in my shop..I'm so excited:)! I really enjoed it, and still have more ideas coming...hopefully will be finished soon as well.  I will write more about this project and each poster on Monday, but for now what do you think???
have a lovely weekend!
new postersnew postersnew postersDSC_0330new postersnew postersnew posters

Non, je ne regrette rien - I do not regret anything
La vie en Rose - Life in pink


  1. Beautiful. Well done! Love the "La vie en Rose"

  2. Just lovely!

    Very good ideas!!!


  3. These are lovely! love the Kiss slowly one, and the simply wonderful one!

  4. Saw you in the new IKEA magazine today and directly had to check out your (by the way) lovely blog. Read the article and simply had to write to you because:
    My husband is called Mark
    I still live in Germany, he in England - been doing that for 6 years now.
    We bought a house in Surrey recently
    And I want to live in Paris


  5. Wow...just came back to this blog for the first time in a few weeks and this posters are lush! Love the 'wonderful' one!! Which of your shop sites are they likely to appear on first?

    At a total tangent, can I ask a random question - where did you get those lovely dining chairs from in your living room? The sort of woven, s-shaped ones with the silver frame? They are sooo nice.

  6. Would love to have La Vie en Rose on BODIE and FOU


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