september 2.

6 September 2011

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I will be back with regular daily posts now, hopefully my recharged energy and optimism last for long time:). It's cold and rainy outside and feels very much like this ( great photos, as usual), but memories of warm and sunny evening are still fresh, and these photos are just great reminder. Music anyone? fantastic September mixtape...have a great day!
all photos from here


  1. Autumn may come with these lovely pics!

    ♥ Franka

  2. so warm pictures..:)) I can't wait to see your new projects!:)
    have a nice week!!

  3. What a lovely summer house, but if winter is like in the Sweetfineday Post I wouldn't mind it either :-)
    Thanks for the tip.

  4. ...also back from the summer trip and full of autumn could come with this lovley colorful mixture...wonderful pictures and an exciting music collection...thanks always for your amazing inspirations...good to be here again...cheers and hugs...i...


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