happy easter

5 April 2012

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, we had a great time with my family. Went away for the weekend to a lovely old spa town, walked and talked a lot. I was planning to show you some photos, but left my usb cable at my parents house so has to pick it up next week. I left A. with them for another week as she is on Easter holiday, and flying back on Wednesday to pick her up. I'm planning to do loads of diy, finish few projects and spent some time with M. Tonight we are going to Camden to see first bigger gig of my step son. Ah...to be 18 again:) ....Have a lovely Easter weekend! I will be back with a giveaway and hopefully some finished projects to share next week. 
photos: bunnies, yellow room, green room, garland, eggs, wellies- sorry unknown, box


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