pre - Christmas decoration at home

23 November 2012

I know,  I know it's really early but I was asked by certain online magazine to take photos of our house and could not resist to make it a bit more Christmassy. Also yes another sort of picture gallery wall, I just love doing them.....and moving them around. This one consist of posters from our shop and some my old drawings. 

I will be back with more holiday decoration ideas soon....


  1. Looks fabulous. Love the touches for Christmas. I also love to fill a huge vase with silver Christmas balls but I may add in the odd coloured one this year. Do tell us when the magazine is published!

  2. I agree! Absolutely fabulous. I love the touches of pink and gold and that chunky throw in the basket looks divine. Where is it from?

    1. thank you, it's actually Ikea PS.

  3. Wonderful styling!
    I love this vase, gray cushion and your posters.

  4. I just love the colours of your home. The pinks and golds against the white and black is just perfect

  5. Not early at all! We are so close already!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous Veronika! Love the gold and pink Christmas style. Which magazines will you be in? Would love to see it!

  7. Moc hezké, to se Ti povedlo. mam


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