any tips for buying a new bike?

4 February 2011

I don't how about you but I'm really fed up with the grey sky and cold, rainy weather. As much as I love open fires, winter walks, hot chocolate and all that, it's just been a bit long now. I so can't wait for blooming trees, sun and blue sky. And because I can't wait I decided to buy a new bike. I haven't  had one for couple of years now and I really fancy do some cycling. It love old fashioned bikes with baskets at the front, but I also want something not just for around a city. Any help? any tips? Have a lovely, hopefully a bit sunny, weekend everyone! 
any tips for buying a new bike? spring has sprung!
Sparkling SunriseYellow for the weekend
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  1. Anthology Magazine: which is brand new, has a GREAT article on how to choose a bike. Really comprehensive. I've never even considered a bike, and this article is making me want one!

    And no -- I don't work for them or am tied to them in any way. I just saw your post, and thought you'd love it.

    Love your blog!


  2. I have a Trek City bike - love it. Ruby sits up front, although she could now move to the back for some more space. Of course here in NL everyone has a bike and most are the Gandma Bike (Oma Fiets) style. Its lovely just to jump on and off in town, no parking costs and a free exercise too. I'm so looking forward to the warmer days though, riding around in this grey weather isn't so much fun. Happy w/e.

  3. My Mum just bought a GORGEOUS Mamachari bike - japanese bike and its just beautiful - very similar to the bikes you see everywhere in Amsterdam......

  4. These images are just beautiful.

  5. I have a pashley sonnet bliss which I love and use for various purposes. The wicker basket can be removed.

  6. Sorry - no help on the bike but I wanted to comment on the GORGEOUS photos! Amazing eye candy.

    Wishing for warmer days...

  7. The last two photos are absolutely incredible! Stunning photos my friend :)


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