7 February 2011

We have spent almost all weekend on our own, M. went away, so me and A. did loads of cooking, walking and pottering around the house. Walking in a park or around the shops became almost impossible, it's just one big chasing game and running the opposite direction or pulling clothes from rails is the best fun. She is really growing up now. The other day when leaving the house with M., who is very forgetful she said: "have you got keys and wallet?"...She also has a new obsession - cooking. At the moment cupcakes are daily routine. 

Tomorrow I have a really interesting story of relocating, home tour and interview with one great French lady. can't wait to share it with you. See you!


  1. so sweet pictures...a wonderful mum/daughter weekend...;) these days, too...just so exciting and so much fun...have a lovley week and take care...cheers and hugs...i...

  2. She is so adorable:) Lovely photos:)

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! I just saw your work for the first time ! Very sweet!


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