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7 October 2011

Probably a year later then everyone else I finally joined Pinterest, and oh it is very time consuming. In a 

good way. With this I seem to be increasingly more and more interested in photos of kittens. We 

had this conversation with M. few times now, he doesn't seem to be bothered, he is more of a dog lover 

but I love cats. I like their independence, personalities and probably a bit the low maintenance 

as well. But when you see a photo like this, who wouldn't? The only problem is when we go away...

We often go for a week or two weeks holiday, more visiting my family ( living in another country) and

I feel it might be a bit unfair to leave it behind. We not that friendly with our neighbours and I think 

that asking friends for longer time or more often would be too much. What do you think? have you got 

any pets? ......but look at those eyes:)

couple links for your weekend:

what a great DIY kitchen idea, that guy is pretty good, have a look at his other videos

wonderful way to say Happy Birthday

this roasted tomato soup, perfect for autumn

what a FUN!  ( tutorial)

personalised oak cube

beautiful paper bowls

my pinterest - let me know if you there as well, I would love to see your finds!

have a great weekend!


  1. Pinterest is so great isn't it!? Addictive! I also have a Pinterest, you can check out the link on my blog if you like - I have WAY WAY too many boards!! have a great weekend!

  2. Agree with you about pinterest, as for pets, our girls would love a dog, but it too much take on for now. We look after our neighbours cats and rabbits when they go on holiday and it is no bother x x

  3. Oui j'aime ton pinterest.....

    Belle journée


  4. The kitchen link is such a fun idea, but it sure must have taken awhile! I have got to join pintrest one of these days, but I am so worried about spending way too much time there:)


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