apple drink

10 October 2011

If you have older apples, or the ones they don't taste as nice ( any type, it doesn't really matter)
1. Peel, cut apples
2. add cinnamon stick or cinnamon sugar ( or just brown sugar), clove (you don't have to)
3. add water
4. boil for 5-10 min, just for apples to soften
5. serve warm

I put too much clove there yesterday so it was tiny bit bitter, just few is enough. Sugar is optional too, I have sweet tooth so I like it that way but you can always add sugar later. It's incredibly easy but warm, sweet and very light.

One more thing for today. This video, I find it very inspiring. 

have a good day!


  1. It seems really a nice drink!

  2. oh this looks delicious, perfect for a gloomy day, or a fall afternoon ;)

  3. i have been making apple pie and apple crisp but never an apple drink! thanks for the recipe!

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  4. This looks so go. I've made this drink without the sugar. It's great chilled (especially when it's 42 C outside).

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