30 September 2009

Today I got last issue of LivingEtc. There is a tiny article about my home...I won the See your home competition back in August. :) And also this fantastic home of Eliza Barnes.



28 September 2009

I have been working on loads of things last couple of weeks. I was like a sponge for very long time and now is time to squeeze everything out.....

Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist,
and into them enters suffering in order that they may have existence.


The End of Affair which was written by Graham Green. I named my etsy shop after the two main characters...Sarah & Bendrix. I have a little obsession ...

A story has no beginning or end : arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead...

So this is a record of hate far more than of love, and if I come to say anything in favour of Henry and Sarah I can be trusted: I am writing against the bias because it is my professional pride to prefer the near- truth, even to the expression of my near-hate.

have you read the book or seen the film ?



too busy for last couple of days...but here is fashion inspiration...
and if you want to know why this 13-year-old doesn't go to school:) thenewgirlintown

image via

new cards in my shop


24 September 2009

today inspiration - ethanollie


23 September 2009

Another interesting lady I came across through flickr.

her flickr
her etsy shop



17 September 2009

Today I discovered DosFamily. Beautiful photos and a lot of inspiration.



After encouragement from my family and friends I opened an Etsy shop. I still have to do a lot. First change some pictures, they are too dark, how hard is to photograph in this country? Second: more tags, descriptions etc. Third: add more items I have...
But for now it's 1.41am...!!! and I should go to sleep. But what do you think of it ??? suggestions, advice, comments...please..

autumn is here


16 September 2009

Today it felt like the first official autumn day. This little friend came home with us from today's walk with A.

another dream list


14 September 2009

I was doing some serious shopping last couple of days:) to be more honest I have bought few items but now have a long wish list. From very very soft slippers to a very very designer lamp. But I would be fine with these slippers for now. And the lamp ? is 180 cm high, designed by Wales -based Freshwest and put together with mathematical precision. Each oak section is fitted together with notches and pegs, while two cast -iron parts enable its Anglepoise -like movement. What do you think of it ?

new books to inspire


All inspiring in different ways. Which one would you buy ?
1. Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 . Fashion, photographs, style...survey of the great photographer's work.
2. Eco House Book from Terence Conran. How to turn your home into virtual eco paradise.
3. The Hand of the Architect. Donated sketches from famous architects. 378 signed illustrations and a Moleskin sketchbook.
4. Laura Ashley. How it all started. From modest beginnings printing tea towels in the kitchen to phenomenal success.
5. Woman as Design....women and art, design, influence, power...
6. Mario Testino Rio de Janeiro. Rio, Mario, Gisele,

early weekend inspiration


10 September 2009

Photos from Sharon Montrose.

Her husband's chalk prints.

Prints and paintings from Libby Kingscote.

Mini world of minimiam.

and if you are going on late summer holiday here is what you should pack.:)

image via



9 September 2009

A's. first big drawing. She continued on the walls and floor but really enjoyed it.

monday inspiration


7 September 2009

a very talented lady ...paloma's nest

and me :) I finally finished the hallway cupboard. It took me long time to decide how to use the space, because our hallway is very small and we have a quite few coats, bags, shoes, more bags and more shoes:). I will post pictures tomorrow.

back to school


6 September 2009

I couldn't wait this time. This school holiday felt sooo long. Is it just me ? or are two boy teenagers generally annoying for everyone after 6 weeks of holiday ???

images cox&cox

New music


I just bought these soundtracks. Great music and films. Have you seen them ?

thank you


5 September 2009

Thank you Shari from Spearmint Baby for posting pictures of our nursery. And thank you all for nice comments.:)

dream home Friday


4 September 2009

No walls and 28- foot high ceiling. Who lives there ? click here to see more.

and I am...


I shall stick this on my husband's laptop to remind him :)

image via le love

a tree


3 September 2009

New tree from Dwell Studio in A.'s nursery. She keeps pointing at it and shouts "teee":) I almost finished another DIY project today. A big cupboard ( I really never have enough) in a hallway, for all the shoes, coats and bags. Hopefully will be finished very soon...very very tired now.....

cool kids..


I was looking for a baby clothes inspiration yesterday and I came across these images....I love the first one.

I am so cool yeah....

Not sure what to think about this one. Doesn't he look a little bit sad ? Photos

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