spring clean


29 February 2012

I have been updating my shop, doing spring clean. Few items will go, some will be replaced, new ones added. I took some new photos of current pictures and will be doing more in next couple of weeks. And guess what... - I love it! I can be taking and editing photos all day. Perhaps another thought?

river road cottage


28 February 2012

Beautiful house with loads of delicious black matt floors. Head over here for more. 



27 February 2012

It felt like first spring weekend. Visit to a garden centre and spending the whole afternoon digging, planting and enjoying sun. 

DIY heaven


If you love DIY projects, great ideas created on small budgets and have time and energy Scraphacker is place to go for inspiration. I just love this large office created purely from pallets, including stairs. And half sprayed tables from Judith Seng. Just beautiful.

pigeon, cat's paw and elephant 's breath


24 February 2012

Yes as you might have guessed I have a dilemma over Farrow & Ball paint chart. They really don't make things easy. Just the the manes of the paints make you tempted. I mentioned last week that our living room wall/s needs painting. Most of the room is painted white. Initially I thought about wallpaper, sort of fake wood planks or panelling but I after I suddenly got wallpapering bug last year and did 3 walls in our house already and leave it. So paint it is. 
I eliminate colours downstairs now to white, black, grey, beige, tiny bit dark yellow, gold, and green. The first two photos is our home. I like mixing old stuff with b&w photos, a bit of Scandinavian white mixture with eclectic mish mash. 
We have two black walls in our home now. One on the top floor bedroom and one on a landing. Although I love it the paint is really matt and show absolutely everything. Not a great choice with 3 kids. I don't want paint the wall in silk as it just looks so much better in dark colour/ matt. 
Railings is very tempting, but perhaps too dark for the room. 
So my choices are Castle Grey, Pigeon, Lamp room Grey, Manor House...Oh my..are you still there? :) ...not sure really. 
Help, has anyone painted with Farrow & Ball? any tips for darker colours? Off to buy sample pots. I keep you posted. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

couple links for your weekend: 

Look at this place! can I go for a week?

Like this bird poster

Lovely styling

photos: 1.2 + last one - me, 3. + 4 - farrow & ball book, sofa and purple rug, yellow rug, living room - farrow & ball book, fireplace + bedroom, blue wall

your favourite...


22 February 2012

I have added new items to the shop. Favourite Song Framed Picture and Wedding Vows/ Poem Framed Picture.  We have done these in past loads of times but words were printed into the hearts and then cut. This time I created a little book where text of your choice can be printed. The printed sheets are then carefully spaced and connected into a little book. Thank you all for your help the other day when I ask you what was your favourite song:)

The picture comes in small size (25x25cm), has either white or black frame with glass front, and 3 different coloured backgrounds. White, coffee, charcoal. You can also add personalized message after your chosen lyrics or poem. 

Simple, sentimental, thoughtful and made with care and love....

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother's Day.....

artist wanted


I found this story very touching, makes your daily problems very small....



14 February 2012

happy valentines
any special plans for today? have a good one:)

photo & styling by me

love letters


10 February 2012

Between playing with A. who is on holiday since today, reading this book and working, I snapped few photos from our house. Inspired by love letters of great men and approaching Valentines day we made huge masking tape heart in a living room. The wall is waiting to be painted for quite a while now so anything makes it prettier really....have a great weekend.....

photos  by me, quotes from love letters of great men

I want spring


9 February 2012

Although the first house is very cool and classy I think I would much rather move into the second one, with warm light coming through the windows, fresh green grass outside and wooden floors...I like winter very much but I'm getting into a stage now when I'd like to see flowers and sun....
all photos from here



I have been collecting random ideas over at pinterest and here is couple of them, which would be great as Valentines present. 52 thing I love about you...from here, and keys from places you lived together from here. Fancy more crafting? head over to my idea corner...



8 February 2012

I love having this blog and it's amazing how you can almost become a friend with someone who you never met, have things in common and probably loads to talk about. While ago a lady,who happens to be a stylist and interior designer, sent me a lovely email about their orders from my shop, my work and just one of those really nice uplifting sweet emails...Since then Petra has finished one of her projects, where she used some of our posters and we also exchanged few emails. With that she sent me these photos of the finished house and how good is our poster in the first photo?:) Thank you so much!

photos taken by Petra's husband Vladimir Weiss  he is a professional photographer, more of Petra's work

there are some interesting places


7 February 2012

this home from here

if I only change one thing this year


6 February 2012

it would be to do one thing at a time. Spending time with A., working on one project at a time, cooking a meal, reading a nice book, watching film without my laptop...It makes me calmer and gives me better sense of achievement. This weekend I tried to do just that. Went on a little trip to here and just had a great time with family....how about you? would you like to change anything this year? 

there is beauty in simplicity


2 February 2012

photos : shelves, poster, office space, girl, box, simplicity, dog, bedroom, bath, tattoo

on a quite mood...video about two exceptional children....

I won't be around next couple of days, so have a lovely weekend:)

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