the best of czech design 2.


30 August 2010

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Last week we visited Centre of Conteporary Art in Prague - DOX. Non- commercial gallery just around the corner from my sister's flat with a great art shop. I know, I have a little thing about it. Unfortunately my little A. wasn't in art gallery mood, so a drink and a quick tour had to be enough for me. It feels like a small Tate Modern and the shop has a great range of Czech made products. Some of the jewelry was fantastic. The silk bobble necklace and earrings looked even better in real. If you are planning trip to Prague don't miss this place.

the best of czech design 1.


29 August 2010

Last week I went to FUTURISTA which is a great shop in centre of Prague dedicated to Czech design, architecture and jewellery. It's a multifunction space based in gothic house right in middle of the city. I love design shops and we have a joke with Aud and my sister that we go to galleries just to buy something in their shop. I didn't leave empty handed again...
no I didn't buy all that :) just couple bits but I was pleasantly surprised and Loved the shop.
photo: designers: 1. jakub berdych 2. m.v.john 3. navex 4. milos nemec 5. milos nemec 6. roman sedina 7. daniel pirsc 8. najs 9. nikola semstanova

holiday at home 2.


28 August 2010

cobbled streets, my sister, tourists, few nice shops, arrival of M., our wedding anniversary....

ok, so this is amazing...


25 August 2010

via cup of joe

another Interestingness


via 2 or 3 things i know

holiday at home 1.


24 August 2010

visiting parents, running in high grass, seeing art, catching late summer sun, me & A...



22 August 2010

Today while reading a post at decor8 I noticed one of my photos. I was very pleased and then I saw another one, just above my one. And yes that's from my best friend Aud! Photo of her recent painting, which I love by the way. It was so nice as we don't see each other that much these days, she moved back to France last year, but at least we can share a little bit of web space together...

lo brujulf


19 August 2010

Absolutely wonderful styling and I bet you have never seen Ikea in that light before. More of this beauty here.

the nature is ultimate beauty in this world


13 August 2010

They said:... 'The Snow is a 15-meter-wide dynamic installation..... Seeing the hundreds kilograms of light feather blown all over and falling down slowly, the memory of the snow scape would lie within people’s heart would be bubbled up.....The snow scape created with the feather would be more like the memory of snow lying with people rather than the actual snow.....The most beautiful things I believe in this world is what is irreproducible, accidentally born, and disorder that cannot be understood by the theory. I believe the nature is the ultimate beauty in this world.'....

Installation by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. I haven't been to any exhibition for a while and if I live in Tokyo I wouldn't want to miss this. Till November the 7th. Again via very inspirational dezeen

apartment therapy and my picture changing obsession


apartment therapy . thank you very much!

beautiful giants


Choi + Shine Architects design these electricity pylons shaped like human figures. They would be walking, climbing or crouching across the Icelandic lakes and hills. Amazing! more about this project. What do you think ? I like it..
ps: I can't quite keep to the schedule of once a week blogging. too many things too share.

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