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23 December 2011

photos: gold spoonspink door, straw mustachebar+bubbles,  orange wallb&w photos, drink in darklong beige dress,  drink, lacy dress, neck detail, peach mobile,  gold lamps, art, bike, orange shoes, art, open shelves, sea

Thank you so much for another wonderful year at this little space of mine. Thank you for being out there, reading and commenting. Have a lovely Christmas! I'm off to spend couple weeks with my family. See you next year!

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16 December 2011

Our shop is now closed for Christmas, anything ordered after today will be dispatched in January. I'm feeling pretty exhausted working 16 hours a day this whole week. But also very pleased and grateful for all the people out there supporting our shop and my work. I leave you with some pretty people and interesting interiors.

have a lovely weekend!

being a mum


13 December 2011

yellow bed, little cutie, babyswing, yellow ceiling, poster wall, little girls's cooking , blue wall storage, mum+little girl

A. had her first nursery Christmas play yesterday, she was very nervous and didn't want to do it. I felt so sorry for her...I can't wait after very busy month to spend more time with her next couple of weeks. Like any other working mum I question myself and feel guilty a lot. But it's just so hard to find the right balance... isn't it?

something which speaks French


beautiful film ... via here



12 December 2011

i just had mine:)
from here ...have a great day!

Christmas inspiration


7 December 2011

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 20.46.0
Are you planning to do some Christmas decorating this weekend?  I was initially drawn to white Christmas tree, doesn't it look lovely, all white on white? or no tree at all, just one large twig? tree on a a wall (from masking tape or lights)? But in the end we are getting classical green one, A. can't wait...Couple of weeks ago I said about me being very organised this year, but since then I have not really done anything, so hopefully I will have time this weekend to do some decorating and buy few presents. What about you? any special theme in your home this year? too early? I hope I'm not stressing you out too much:)
all images from my Pinterest Christmas album

and thank you Lysann for mentioning my shop and holly from decor8 posting couple of my photos




Bocci design. Very beautiful...lovely video...found here, like the site a lot....have a great day!

shop update


6 December 2011

Just a quick shop update. 
International customers: 
The last order date for framed pictures  - 15th December. All framed pictures are sent with DHL Express. Last order date for posters is this Thursday 8th. ( sent by Royal Mail)
Uk : 
Last order date for posters and framed pictures is 15th December. (sent by Royal Mail or City Link)

We have added few discounted posters, so hurry up only couple of days left for Christmas orders....
The shop will be closed from 23 Dec - 3 Jan.
Have a nice day and do not forget you can win $250!

win $250


4 December 2011

Few weeks ago I was invited by Houzz to participate in holiday contest :
“Full Houzz for the Holidays.  How do you transform your entertaining area to accommodate family and friends at the holidays while still maintaining a well-designed space?”
I created Ideabook with 12 photos I would love if you can help me to win. And you can win too!
It's simple, all you have to do is to click over at the Ideabook and leave a comment. One comment means one vote. The tree Ideabooks with the most comments win a price. And anyone who commented on winning Ideabook  will be entered into a drawing to win $250, $100 and $50 gift certificates from any online retailer. Wouldn't it be great? just before holidays? The competition ends on 9th December
Thank you so much for your support!
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have you got a secret?


2 December 2011

photos from here: vanessa, lolita poster, hot pink lips, tatoo, sitting girl, face, art 1 , art 2black wall, girl in jeans, long skirt lady, dining room

I have been working really hard this week so I'm looking forward to more Christmas decorating with A., drinks with friends, and hopefully a lot of sleep this weekend. Anya's been so excited to open her advent calendar every day, so sweet. 

Few links for your weekend:

interview with Donna

lovely etsy shop

Xmas at Muji

a garden in my apartment - incredibly interesting

gift guide for minimalists, lovely

 LOVE! - have you got a secret? I started watching one and couldn't stop....

have a good one!

in post yesterday


1 December 2011

in post today
in post today
Some days just have better starts then others. When you open your eyes and see a rainbow, when a postman brings nice packages...Don't you just love getting post? Yesterday I received few lovely surprises. One from Dawn who is very sweet lady behind this blog, she takes beautiful photos and made calendar for next year. And she sent me one:) Thank you! Dawn started selling posters for children this year and next year will be adding photographic gift tags and cards. So watch this space! 

And then there was a card from Hearts Delight ( Wine Tasting&Auction which takes place every year in Washington, benefiting American Heart Foundation). I sponsored them with gift frames last year and this year they used one of my pictures for their save the date postcard....that makes me happy...

have a nice day!

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