Christmas inspiration

7 December 2011

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Are you planning to do some Christmas decorating this weekend?  I was initially drawn to white Christmas tree, doesn't it look lovely, all white on white? or no tree at all, just one large twig? tree on a a wall (from masking tape or lights)? But in the end we are getting classical green one, A. can't wait...Couple of weeks ago I said about me being very organised this year, but since then I have not really done anything, so hopefully I will have time this weekend to do some decorating and buy few presents. What about you? any special theme in your home this year? too early? I hope I'm not stressing you out too much:)
all images from my Pinterest Christmas album

and thank you Lysann for mentioning my shop and holly from decor8 posting couple of my photos


  1. So lovely and dreamy. This week I've been lost in the world of the builders. But your finds keep me going xx


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