tuesday 27.7.2010


27 July 2010

I'm a bit upset, disappointed, annoyed and angry. Just found out about couple of people copying my work and selling it. I do understand that my design can be very good 'DIY' idea, but please don't sell it on.. ....
But anyway. Most of these days apart from work I try to enjoy every minute with family. Long summer evenings and ever so talkative and cute A.
and ....
one recent project of mine. I couldn't find the right door handles for our wardrobes so I decided to make them on my own. I wanted something simple, almost invisible, nothing plastic, but didn't want push and open system as I thought with white finish it would get dirty very soon. I used remnants of leather from my previous work and cut thin stripes. I sealed the edges with clear varnish ( there might be a different product for this) but this worked just fine. Then I folded them in half ( measured the wanted length before) and screwed them on the inside of the door ( they bend over the edge of the door). You could also use cord or ribbons. I used only little screws, so it didn't damaged the wardrobe and I can easily replaced them when I want to.
have a great week everyone!

tuesday 20.7.10 - part 2


20 July 2010

Things I liked this week.
Cute t- shirt from here, I bought one for A.
Wonderful calm bedroom I found here. Love the hanger, the blanket, colours...
Great ' looks easy ' project from here
I'm not often jealous, but this workspace! me too, me too, please:)
Love , love this nursery...
and what about FREE holiday to Parisian flat, Canadian lake house, London family home or Amsterdam town house? I'm all for it. Genius idea Luxe Home Swap.

tuesday 20.7.10 - part 1


Just a few photos from last week at my parents. The weather was wonderful, we had a great time and worked hard. The kitchen and bathroom at our holiday home are almost finished, still need doors, lights, shelves...but I feel very happy what we have achieved. Thanks to my parents! and unreliable builders and even more annoying plumbers:) What do you think?

tuesday 13.7.10


12 July 2010

We have been at my parents this week and it's hot here. Extremely hot. Swimming, relaxing, but also building a new kitchen in this house.
During my weekend blog browsing caught my eye ....amazing sand drawings found here
cool camping engagement session from here
and wonderfully styled products by these French creative people
beautiful shelves found here
and simply nice bedroom here
have a wonderful week everyone!

tuesday 6.7.10


6 July 2010

First of all I have to say a huge thank you for your great comments. THANK YOU! it means a lot.
I had a very good week, long summer evenings in the garden and I even managed to do little bit of gardening. Trip to the coast felt so great, time to stop and relax.
We also did some crafting projects with A. but I'm running out of ideas, as you can see:) She is still too small for using scissors, she can do little bit of gluing, drawing and painting. I have been looking for inspirational websites, project, craft etc. for kids her age (2), but none of them was really helpful. By the way why they all have to be so horribly designed ? flashing adverts etc.? any recommendation?

And now couple interesting links from my weekend blog browsing. Great bed! I especially like the use of pallets as we had something similar with my sister when we were teenagers. We had pallets instead of bed base with mattress on top of it, I loved it...details of this project here
I have been recently thinking about sewing again. I originally studied fashion and there were times when I was able to sew a winter coat, proper pattern cutting and all that lot. These days I do cushion covers. But this site is so cute, I feel really tempted to do couple tiny tops, coats, skirts...oliver +s.
Summer coffee dessert at my favourite delicious site Sunday Suppers.
And yet another Scandinavian home, white walls, bright light, wood, clean lines and simplicity. And this house doesn't disappoint. I LOVE the beams and the kitchen. This family home is in Denmark, country on my wish to go list. Have you ever been there?
See you next Tuesday! have a great one!

it's been a journey


2 July 2010

It really all started last summer with this: " May I ask who is the artist who did the heart piece? " comment on flickr under this photo. I also did a similar gold heart for my friend's wedding and they loved it. Like many people I thought that this might make a good hobby and I could sell a couple of pictures a week, enjoy myself and make a little money. Late October I stared selling on etsy. I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it and played with paper a lot.
things have been moving...
Then I joined a UK site Not On The High Street and sales stared to come in. I suddenly became really busy and excited before Christmas. A few people blogged about me and I felt really grateful and happy. Just before Valentines Holly from decor8 chose my shop fro her 'Etsy Take Five Tuesdays' and I was delighted what she said about my pictures " Don’t these look like something you’d find in some amazing London flat in Livingetc magazine or something? Love these."
Etsy shop was getting busier and busier and when I saw this photo on Design Sponge house tour I was almost ecstatic.
<span class=
Just after that I was contacted by Real Simple editor and asked if I would like to contribute in their Summer Gift Guide. Great! But no one prepared me for full page spread and hundreds and hundreds of orders. Not such a long time ago I told you I just made picture no. 350, now its almost 800. I have two part time helpers, sleep little but I am still happy and excited. So why am I saying all this?
I doubted for a long time if what I was doing was worthy, almost asking why so many people like it so much? slowly growing in confidence and more in love in what I do. And I do feel proud.
Like everyone who works and brings a little child up together I feel often very guilty. But emails and notes from customers make it all worthwhile. I still remember one of the first one I received. ....
" I have just finished work, opened your parcel and had to email you straight away. Let me set the scene..... The parcel looked so inviting being huge and wrapped in brown paper with MY name on, So I put a xmas CD on, poured a glass of vintage port( i know its early but its Friday!)and took a deep breath and started cutting. You had wrapped them so well that each one felt like a separate gift. I LOVE THEM!! each one is equally as gorgeous as the last. My daughters adored them too and my eldest(8)declared "That is it Mummy, i am definitely going to be an artist, rather than a florist, as i want to make things as beautiful as these" what better accolade does a person need:) Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. "
I don't normally write too much about sarah & bendrix here but I felt it's time. Its now huge part of my life and this is in the end " few things from my life". I also realize my posts here are getting more and more random, so I have a plan. From now on I will be posting only on Tuesdays. It might be a one long post, few posts, but only once a week. About me, interesting people or places. Much better, one doze a week. Thank you for reading and see you on Tuesday!

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