tuesday 27.7.2010

27 July 2010

I'm a bit upset, disappointed, annoyed and angry. Just found out about couple of people copying my work and selling it. I do understand that my design can be very good 'DIY' idea, but please don't sell it on.. ....
But anyway. Most of these days apart from work I try to enjoy every minute with family. Long summer evenings and ever so talkative and cute A.
and ....
one recent project of mine. I couldn't find the right door handles for our wardrobes so I decided to make them on my own. I wanted something simple, almost invisible, nothing plastic, but didn't want push and open system as I thought with white finish it would get dirty very soon. I used remnants of leather from my previous work and cut thin stripes. I sealed the edges with clear varnish ( there might be a different product for this) but this worked just fine. Then I folded them in half ( measured the wanted length before) and screwed them on the inside of the door ( they bend over the edge of the door). You could also use cord or ribbons. I used only little screws, so it didn't damaged the wardrobe and I can easily replaced them when I want to.
have a great week everyone!


  1. Love these photos, eps. the peonies?
    D x

  2. I must admit I tried to do a DIY of one of your designs (the vintage version with the little hearts) but after looking at mine and yous together there's really no comparisson.
    Your designs pay attention to every detail. They are perfect!
    Sadly, I can not afford an original now, so I'll have to be content with looking at mine in my bedroon wall, but I'd never be so unoriginal and try to sell it, not to mention that is illegal!
    Hope you can do something about that and do keep on designing such lovely things.

  3. Great little idea with the door handles. Your room looks great too. We have a cow hide too and love it.
    Can you copyright your design? Yours do look so great.

  4. That sucks. Can't believe someone would steal your design and then try and sell it as theirs. Great idea with the wardrobes though.

  5. Love your bedroom! and the handle idea is genius. It could work very well for some drawers (lighter weights)!! love the idea!

    Sorry to hear about the copycats.... :(

  6. ahhhh...thats sad! There is a time and a place for "imitation being the greatest form of flattery" and its hard with the internet - once a great idea is out there its bound to be ripped off by others......your work is beautiful and original...I am saving my pennies!

  7. A clever girl! And a lovely peony on first picture.

  8. So pretty...I especially love the two heart pictures!


  9. Beautiful pictures in pink and grey, gentle...
    I love smart idea for the bedroom's wardrobe - it's so simple, so elegant, so great...
    as for those people... it's sad but think how "poor" they must be without any own ideas the only way to " (!)create" something is stealig projects from talented people...

  10. So sorry to hear that someone is copying your work AND selling it. Not very polite at all!

    (Your bedroom is looking lovely!)


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