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30 September 2011

links for you :

gorgeous food styling

this sweet gift for Gramna

nice blog about lovely packaging

hm...look at these wedding cakes

fantastic light

painted kids blocks tutorial 

cool temporary tatoos, and they are great...

blog full of moving images

have a good one!

art I like


I just love these paintings from Samantha French, you can buy any of these as prints in her shop. Wouldn't they be great for  a bathroom?

Realist painter Christopher Scott.

secret from the stylist


29 September 2011

secret from the stylistsecret from the stylist
I'm so happy...One of my pictures (the grey in first photo, at the back) was on Secret From The Stylist Show on HGTV on Saturday night ( HGTV- tv channel in US)  Thank you so much to very sweet Emily....you can read break down of the show, with all the details of featured items on her blog. Such a great post by the way...Unfortunately I didn't see it, but you have you? please let me know if yes.

my (hotel) (bed) room


28 September 2011

I finished decorating our bedroom last week. After having bare walls for 4 months I decided that in the end I just can't live with the raw industrial look, and although I love it on photos and in magazines I find it to hard to live with. And I'm not even talking about M. who is incredibly conventional when it comes to decorating. As I love staying in hotel rooms,  I wanted to do one for myself. Darker, cosy and welcoming. My thoughts were : black wall, large linen headboard, big curtains...In the end I tried to work with things we already had, armchair from the top floor, rug from downstairs etc. Painted wall, wallpapered another, black blinds, linen curtains, couple cushions....I have only one little dislike about the room and that's the radiator, which I think buy cover for ....What do you think?

wallpaper : cole&son, bedding : zara home+laura ashley, yellow cushion: graham & green, flowery cushion: zara home, armchair & rug : laura ashley, poster Everything Was Beautiful : here , poster Non Je Ne regrette rien: my shop

song for today 



 whispering ....follow studio...

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27 September 2011

Nothing makes better start of the day then cycle and gym. I have loads of eneeergy....
Here is another artist - Michelle Armas which I like very much. What do you think?

couple links for you today:

inspiring post...how to be a builder ( back to school dinner )

how to make pom-pom

sleeper on waves ...book art

song....blood like a lemonade

have a good one...

how beautiful is this scarf and an owl from Purlbee

things on my wish list


from cox & cox

can't wait


26 September 2011

to go there in November...and if you are lucky to live in NY you should definitely visit this

"Get Ready for 1st october: Nuit Blanche (French for “white night” or “all-nighter”) is a global network of locally-organized night time contemporary art events. Originating in Paris in 2001, the nuit blanche concept now involves millions of people in cities around the world.NY, Tokyo ... and Paris of course."
would love to be there.....

art I like


Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 01.14.32
Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 01.13.44 Screen shot 2011-09-26 at 01.14.47
Good morning! I hope you had a good weekend, I had nice relaxing one, finished some projects around the house,  you will see it soon:)...
This week I would like to show you few artists which caught my eye recently and I love their work...if money were no object...
I would buy all these four ... Charming Baker



23 September 2011

Grey is probably the most popular choice for interiors these days. There is so many shades and combinations. This house is simply stunning, French understated elegancy with loads of details and ideas. What do you think? Like?  and what about grey? which one is your favourite colour at the moment? 
to read full story and thank you

good morning!


22 September 2011

Hello everyone! yesterday was not the bestest day ( my daughter loves saying this to her friends - you are my bestest friend ever:) but this morning everything seems much brighter. Here is my few picks from Etsy - beautiful addition for your kitchen.
1. linen wal art/ towel 2. recipe card stamps 3. napkins 4. tablets



21 September 2011

sometimes we find inspiration in the most unexpected places....sunday suppers



Very very interesting and nice lady...

I'm always curious where other people work, this space belongs to MAKR. I mentioned them before, they do lovely bags and now very nice chair as well....go have a look where they create.

moving inside


I wrote about Abigail Ahern's home ages ago, but just seen new photos on the selby... Love her living room, seems like a perfect autumn escape. I'm slowly moving inside, summer definitely finished here in UK, thinking about blankets and scarves...all photos the selby

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