secret from the stylist

29 September 2011

secret from the stylistsecret from the stylist
I'm so happy...One of my pictures (the grey in first photo, at the back) was on Secret From The Stylist Show on HGTV on Saturday night ( HGTV- tv channel in US)  Thank you so much to very sweet can read break down of the show, with all the details of featured items on her blog. Such a great post by the way...Unfortunately I didn't see it, but you have you? please let me know if yes.


  1. I can imagine how happy you must be. I remember the picture ffrom one of your previous Post. If only it is too small in the background! :-) It deserved to be featured much much bigger! :-) Congratulations.

  2. How cool! I see it!
    That chair...I'd never get out ;)


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