Happy Holidays everyone !!!
and if you like browsing photos here are some of my recent flickr favourites. Have a lovely time wherever you are and whoever you with... See you later xx
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1. Pink and Green, 2. Untitled, 3. Maudie, 4. Little collection, 5. Selina Lake - Christmas Plates, 6. cookie chompers the third, 7. -, 8. misty mornings., 9. Untitled, 10. Quién falta? Who's missing?, 11. masterbedroom4, 12. MoMA, 13. Untitled, 14. Lollie legs in colors, 15. Study: Guest bed, 16. Untitled, 17. Park Slope harvest fair, 18. Untitled, 19. grumpy, 20. Sugar Pop., 21. Symphony in Sepia, 22. p.s., 23. Love Coco, 24. christmas..., 25. Le manège enchanté - the magic roundabout

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this weekend I have been


19 December 2009

Recharging batteries, playing in snow, watching Love Actually on TV, being lazy...feels great...what about you? are you slowing down? how do (did) you spend(t) your pre-Christmas weekend?

holidays almost there !


15 December 2009

I have been finishing last pre-Christmas orders with Anya's help who Loves bubble wrap !! We also started to put decorations around the house and I'm getting all excited! Only 8 days and my family is coming over. Can't wait!
all photos by me

we had a great day


12 December 2009

We went to Borough Market and Tate Modern in London. I really wanted to see this exhibition but we did admire the donation box and escalators instead..for very very long time. It was good fun anyway. What about you? have you been to any exhibition recently?

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pictures by me

the winner


The winner of the giveaway is number
Amy. Congratulation! Thank you everyone for your lovely commets. Thank you very much!

hugh stewart


11 December 2009

I saw some of these photos on decor8 and they took me to hugh stewarts website. I especially like his portrait section (sorry I couldn't download any of those) Go have a look, wonderful light....and today is the last day for my giveaway...have a great day!
hugh stewart

hugh stewart

etsy presents...for me ? ..please...


9 December 2009



I'm slowly getting into Christmas mood, so far I haven't had a chance to decorate the house and I only have a few presents. I have been surrounded by boxes, frames and paper for last couple of weeks and my List of To Do Things is was getting longer and longer. Today I finally caught up on some orders, tidied boxes, cupboards and myself :) and starting to feel all Christmasy. I love writing lists. I write lists of ideas, orders, shopping lists, to do lists, urgent lists, wish lists. I find it very therapeutic...crossing the lines, list is getting smaller, writing another list....Do you write lists? and how long is your one at the moment??:)
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for some reason I put number 2. instead of 1., but if you like these little houses have a look here
and for you to create....orange and mandarin decoration which I found on Blomsterverkstad
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the rest of the photos from here and here
So what about those lists? and how about you and Christmas ? are you organized this year? Have a lovely day and don't forget about giveaway..

snuggle up and read


7 December 2009

I have been more then busy last couple of weeks and running out of time and space in our house......I'd love to escape to this beautiful room and just snuggle up and read, relax, sleep...hmmm



3 December 2009

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been following my blog, thank you for your comments and kind words. It means a lot to me and I do really appreciate it. Also like to celebrate my new website... So here is a little gift from me. It could be a lovely little Christmas present. To enter Giveaway, just leave a comment on this post before next Friday midnight( London time) Friday (11.12.).
I will randomly chose and announce the winner on Saturday (12.12.) Everyone from everywhere is invited. Have a great weekend !
Scottie Dog Noughts & Crosses wooden table game from Japanese store MUJI

creative little people


2 December 2009

I was reading sweetsweetlife (thanks Amy) the other day and came across Moomah. What a wonderful place to go to. I felt truly inspired. They have art classes for children and adults, cafe, little shop..what else: lovely decor, meeting point for people, inspiration, happy creative children...I feel really jealous. I' love to have place like this in my neighbourhood.home-main-image-5
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And also what a great idea..you can create something like this
as well here☛ check this out.
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Have you heard of lutterlagkage? This lady is one of my first contacts on flickr and I love going back and browse photos of her shop and home. Stine Holm Weirsoe is an interesting Danish owner of this gorgeous shop ( lutterlagkage) in Malmo, Sweden. Vintage, handmade, colourful, bright and happy.......have a look at her photostream on flickr and website. ...and also her interview on decor8.
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winter walks


1 December 2009

I love winter walks. When is crispy, cold, sunny and fresh. We are very lucky as we live only five minutes from a large park and Anya loves going for walks and meeting people. She has a quite wide vocabulary for her age but at the moment one of her favourite world is 'cuddle'. So we cuddled everyone today...little boys, big dogs, old ladies....:)
oh, and thank you tenthings and once upon a tea the time for blogging about me and s&b.

advent calender ideas


29 November 2009

I love these advent calendar ideas. Simple, easy to do and original. On the last photo they use desk calender pages, why not do it differently and start by putting up one every day , so the tree slowly fills up ?
advent c.advent c.
1.mayalu 2.apfelbaum 3.crl!4. ideal home mag. 5. elle decoration uk

my little daughter


25 November 2009

Yesterday we went with my friend Audrey to National Portrait Gallery. Not sure how much Anya appreciated the pictures:), she thought it was one big playground and kept running around. Here you can see where she was walking fast (pict.1) and then running fast (pic.2)! We also made one little shopping trip to MUJI (Anya was sleeping by then) and bought some Christmas presents. They have lovely wooden toys and games this year, for both children and adults but I can't tell more...in case someone's reading...:)
Yesterday was a theory and today the real Art Day!
I have been really busy with my pictures last couple of weeks( thank you Not On The High Street) and I haven't spent as much time with Anya as I would want to. So last couple of days was wonderful...my little Anya.

one dress = three outfits


24 November 2009

Isabelle from Dos Family got married two years ago and made these dresses for herself and her daughter from an outfit she bought in a vintage shop (the dress cost her around $100). And now after a while, little tutu from the leftovers. I so love it!!
It brings a lot of my memories and my sister would tell you few...I used to sew and customize my own clothes a lot, especially when I was a teenager. I made miniskirts from my old granddads coats lining, bags from jumpers, necklaces from rusty old keys...and the speed I was making the outfits in! Friday evenings ( just before my dates or parties) was my favourite time for this :)



Last night I finally watched Coco (before Chanel) with Audrey Tautou ( she is one of my favourite) and I really liked it. French surroundings, costumes, music and Audrey was just perfect for cold autumn evening. Have you seen the film ? did you like it ?

t-shirts with stories


23 November 2009

have you heard of iloveboxie ?



22 November 2009

This is a very interesting project of School of Art and Design In Nottingham Trent University. They make lovely 100% Merino lambswool items. Hats, gloves, notebooks, cushions and scarves. To read more click here. To buy their stuff click here.


lobster & swan


20 November 2009

Just wanted to share a blog, I enjoy reading lately. more here. Have a lovely weekend:)

Christmas project 1.


18 November 2009

For next four weeks I will be randomly posting great Christmas ideas. Easy, affordable...basically things you can do yourself, look good and cost next to nothing. For this one all you need : Five pins, ribbon, pegs and voila ! Christmas inspiration
inspiration from Livingetc.

in my shop now


17 November 2009

sarah & bendrix

gap interiors


I think my favourite is the one with the big bookcase. Or the white one with a stove and Bestlite lights ? hmmm...which one is yours?
gap interiors
gap interiorsgap interiors
gap interiors
to see more click here .

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