real tree or stash of books?


29 November 2010

Maybe not at home but wouldn't these  be great in a office, work or public place? What do you think?Picture 14Picture 9Picture 8Picture 15Picture 17aPicture 16

ikea hacker


28 November 2010

sometimes completely silly ideas...this time bedroom dress boys. like it. Picture 30Picture 31

the city cradle


An event stylist and blogger Victoria and City Cradle. LOVELY inspiration.Picture 20Picture 21Picture 19Picture 22
getting ready for holiday season?

painted staircase?


26 November 2010

Thinking about painting the top floor staircase. Good or bad idea? practical, hard too do? any thoughts?:)Picture 11Picture 10Picture 13Picture 12
images livingetc. design sponge

recycled jewelry


25 November 2010

So simple but very clever  and effective. Drujdica Kesic
Picture 12Picture 10Picture 11Picture 16Picture 14Picture 13

lavender winter


24 November 2010

Picture 17Picture 22Picture 16Picture 20
Picture 18Picture 13Picture 14Picture 15Picture 12Picture 11
I'm not a big fan of lavender colour but these images are so nice! don't you just feel that cold fresh winter air ?
all images bloomingville

let's play cards


It has been a busy week with my parents visiting, builders around the house and pre Christmas orders. The loft extension will be hopefully finished next week and I can't wait to get the house back to normal.  I love choosing tiles, wall colours  and taps but when you have to browse internet 2am for windows and shower heads it loses its appeal a bit. Sorry tired talk:) But have a look at these happy card players! love the colours and their sweetPicture 19Picture 22Picture 21Picture 23Picture 20

paper beauty


17 November 2010

Have you seen these? so soft and beautiful.I love the custom ones with beads and feathers.frazier & wing Picture 18Picture 19Picture 16Picture 15Picture 9Picture 14Picture 17Picture 20

bang your drum


16 November 2010

When I see a stripy top I'm hooked. This time a stylish pretty lady and husband team called Emersonmade. Well done in styling, simple wearable fashion, pretty details (love the fabric flowers) and cool photos. Have you got any time favourites when it comes to clothes? mine would be a striped top, white vest, tan leather bag, white linen, cashmere jumper and good pair of jeans ...and from here I could wear pretty much everything...
Picture 6Picture 8Picture 12Picture 15Picture 9Picture 11Picture 7Picture 18Picture 17


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