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31 July 2012

Hi there, I have been back from my vacation and working hard this week, but leaving again this weekend...thank you so much for staying around and enjoy the summer!
.....and yes we have added to our shop Non Je Ne Regrette Rien poster in white. The black version has been so popular I thought to myself...white&gold, yummy...you can buy this prettiness here.

See you later!

photos & styling by me

the longest post ever + see you later?


18 July 2012

My mind and body needs a break. I'm getting on plane tonight and flying to spend some time with my family. I need to recharge badly and have some time away from my desk. Thank you all for hanging in there and for the lovely support and warm feedback I get this from this blog.

few links if you have time to browse:

a sydney home and there is much more....

home and delicious magazine

an island in the middle of a rain forest...interesting article

our picture was tiny bit featured in Grazia

oh my...all these beach hair...I want it as well

absolutely stunning food styling and photography...and she is veronika as well:)

stunning art/photos

love this sofa

I will be occasionally pinning away and staying social on facebook but otherwise see you in couple of weeks! have  a lovely summer!

all photos of people from here, interiors from here

have a nice weekend + links


13 July 2012

UntitledScreen shot 2012-07-13 at 15.30.01DSC_0038
Peonies are one of my favourite flowers and they even look better when they star to fade...like some people.....

links for your weekend:

this is amazing fun...wonderful show

easy pretty DIY project

folklore..london store

have a great weekend! for me cinema and drinks tonight, little trip tomorrow and baking now...

photos by me

if I was getting married ...10.


This time on a farm....relaxed, colourful, with loads of friends and on a hot summer day....with careful styling you can really make anything to look great, just look at the flower arrangement using basic plastic bottles....

all photos from here

latest etsy finds


11 July 2012

Screen shot 2012-07-11 at 00.29.52UntitledUntitledUntitledScreen shot 2012-07-11 at 00.29.59Untitled
Etsy can be incredibly overwhelming, among hundreds thousands shops and items can be very hard to find anything. But I love to discover products and gems from all over the word and here are some of my latest finds. Enjoy!

white china
black ceramics
silk top



9 July 2012

What about this one?

I say yes to the outfit, the room looks absolutely fantastic but would I live there? perhaps not, but it would be a great hotel....

this tooth pillow...adorable

a lovely bistro to visit in London

simple yet beautiful home

let me know...would you wear that outfit?

have a great day!

photos : girl, room

inspired by colour


8 July 2012


'An Hour is a Sea
Between a few, and me -
With them would Harbour be -'

by Emily Dickenson

listening to this

have a nice sunday...

photos: ceramics, face

yes or no + links for the weekend


6 July 2012

Love the look but not sure if I'd have the courage to wear the skirt. What about you? and although I don't really like the cushions on the sofa, the whole room looks great and I could easily live there...

Yesterday I worked 17 hours, yes I did, so today finishing at lunchtime, hopefully and going for run and maybe just try to relax a bit?

Few links for you: 

This is really interesting..did you know there is 875.000 shops on Etsy and it's valued $600 mil and 69% of their customers don't have kids ? the full article here

beautiful living room, how to rock green wall...

vintage styled wedding with cool invitations

So have a lovely weekend and let me know would you wear that skirt? 

follow studio


Do you know Follow Studio? A lady behind this ever so beautiful shop got married and her wedding was just same as her styling and a shop. Soft, pure and just really really pretty. Read the full story here and their blog here



5 July 2012

yes or now
Hi there! hope you are well today. I will be changing some things around this blog and I would like to start with a new series YES or NO. Simple - just let me know - would you wear this outfit? would you have interior like this at home? I can't wait to see what you like and don't.
This time I have to say YES to both....

Also this good read on life balance including sweet moments with kids. I love this chair and story behind it. These birds are the cutest. 

So let me know YES or NO?
photos : bathroom, girl



4 July 2012

We are planning a short trip to Holland in August and this place seems like a perfect place to stay while visiting Amsterdam. By the way have you got  any other tips for hotels or guesthouses in Amsterdam?
maison rikaint found via here

petersham nurseries


3 July 2012

This Saturday we took a slow walk by the river from Richmond with our friends to have a lunch at Petersham Nurseries. Although not far from where we live I have never been there. What a wonderful place. If you ever close by definitely visit. Lovely restaurant and a teahouse, garden shop and a beautiful gift shop where I could spent fortune. 
iphone photos by me

summer from kinfolk


2 July 2012

An Ode to Summer from Kinfolk on Vimeo.
and this looks really yummy....

Campfire Twist Bread | Volume 4 from Kinfolk on Vimeo.



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That's what I'm going to do just now.....
Long, very tiring and not really productive day, I spent ages dealing with stupid bureaucratic unhelpful people today...sorry but some people are really pain...

have a great evening .....listen to this 



1 July 2012

food for thought....

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