I still have no regrets...

31 July 2012

Hi there, I have been back from my vacation and working hard this week, but leaving again this weekend...thank you so much for staying around and enjoy the summer!
.....and yes we have added to our shop Non Je Ne Regrette Rien poster in white. The black version has been so popular I thought to myself...white&gold, yummy...you can buy this prettiness here.

See you later!

photos & styling by me


  1. Hi - I know this poster "NON, je ne regrette rien" - with gold and white it is beautiful! Hugs, Barbara

  2. Wonderful styling!! Petra W.

  3. Hope you had a lovely time away, stunning styling and poster. Dxx

  4. beautiful print!

  5. Loved the black one but the white one fits even better in our house. Now on the wish list! (Pinks and gold is the summer theme in our white bedroom)

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