i'm off ....thank you...happy holidays


22 December 2010

Just wanted to thank you very much for all your presence, support, comments, kind words, interest in me and my work.  I do truly appreciate every bit of it. 
This year was hectic, fast, busy and full of work. Next year is going to be even better :) We are flying to see my family on Boxing Day for a week, can't wait. Can't wait to just sit, read, drink, chat, to see friends and family...
and this is by the way the loft we have been doing for last couple months, still can't decide what to do with the floor but I'm newly addicted to black walls...:)  have a lovely holidays and see you ..next year! 

once wed- double doze - no.2


21 December 2010

love love love...
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once wed

once wed - double doze - no 1.


custom orders


I really enjoy doing custom orders. I have done few from wedding invitations, and some from magazine or newspapers. This one wasn't from specific article but these papers are from the wedding day. I picked and cut out all sorts of details, initials of couple, place, date, weather, words which can be associated with wedding. Interested in one these? just drop me an email:)

very soon...holiday


20 December 2010

A. managed to pull down Christmas tree in local local library today but she has been very well behaved around our one. I'm slowly getting into holiday mood, did some present shopping and decorating over this weekend, but still having small headaches over couple deliveries to USA. Currier company failed to pick up today again. I love snow but who would think is going to cause some much hassle? 

my heart is aching


19 December 2010

What a beauty...the light, the details, the colours, those duck brushes and the kitten ...:):):) .....ne√ęst - blog , shop
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what a desk and what a view...


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from here



17 December 2010

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chewing the cud


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chewing the cud

i'm back


16 December 2010

Sorry for long absence but there just wasn't enough hours in a day. Worked 18 hours a day last couple of weeks, still have bits to do but almost there. The house is without buildres now, but without any Christmas decoration, tree, presents for family as well:). I had nightmares with deliveries, waiting for currier companies for over a week, I personally been waiting for Amazon delivery for over 15 days and still not here, apparently another snow catastrophe is coming this weekend... what about start getting organized England ? :) it's only snow. Love these oversized posters by the way..
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