i'm off ....thank you...happy holidays

22 December 2010

Just wanted to thank you very much for all your presence, support, comments, kind words, interest in me and my work.  I do truly appreciate every bit of it. 
This year was hectic, fast, busy and full of work. Next year is going to be even better :) We are flying to see my family on Boxing Day for a week, can't wait. Can't wait to just sit, read, drink, chat, to see friends and family...
and this is by the way the loft we have been doing for last couple months, still can't decide what to do with the floor but I'm newly addicted to black walls...:)  have a lovely holidays and see you ..next year! 


  1. its beautiful, I love your choice of art and prints too and the black wall looks amazing. I hope you have a happy christmas

  2. Happy holidays to you too. Hope you have a fantastic trip and look forward to reading more of your lovely blog in the new year x

  3. Looks so beautiful and so does the snow. Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Xmas to you and your family. Look forward to catching up in 2011.

  4. Hi Veronika! the loft is amazing! I'm sure whatever you decide to do with the floor will be equally amazing! HAppy new year to you!

  5. just stumbled upon your blog. love your pictures, too cute! hope you have a wonderful new year.



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