16 August 2011

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We will be leaving tomorrow for two weeks, to catch last bit of sun and holiday. Staying with my family....I like to take break at the end of summer, it feels like being a child again and try to do as much as possible before returning back to school....

Links for you this week:

these fantastic mums and kids, so cute and cool, if is possible.. ( thanks Emma)

they started again...3191

I just love this guy

beautiful wallpaper for kids bedroom

paper lights, simple and effective

these people are very inspirational and I love this tea towel

pretty website, pretty stuff, well done

inspiration from dwell

have a good week!

all photos from here



10 August 2011

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all photos from here

things I liked last week:

colour your own bunting for kids

lovely kids clothes...

have you seen this subway slide? how fun

how to talk to little girls, agree...

I love following their lives, such a great read

we are all

this door stop

unfortunately out of stock, waiting room sign, I want it...

fake or real?

great photos...

have a good day!



9 August 2011

Watched BBC News last night till 2.30am. Feeling very angry and nervous. This is happening in a city I live and not that far from us...

little hearts + stone


6 August 2011

This item has been by far the most popular with our Uk customers, THANK YOU! It comes in large and small size, white or black frame, 4 colour options. Flower - pinks, reds. Sky - blues, Grass - greens and ...
now NEW Stone - beige, grey, brown, white. It can be personalised and it's great way to mark a special occasion in your life....

*Initials, names of you, your partner
*Names of your children or their date of birth
*Date of their wedding or anniversary
*Favourite place, place you got married, place you met
*Important days in your life
*Say thank you to someone special
*Keep it simple, just hearts ...

shop - Uk customers here and here, for rest of the world here

my a&w inspiration


5 August 2011

my a&w inspiration



4 August 2011

what a lovely idea...from here

some people might call this heaven


Me and my sister share the same passion for paper goods since we were children. Give me nicely coloured notebooks, sweet envelopes, stamps and full drawers of sharp pencils! pure bliss:)  I know I sometimes end up not even using them, but they are so nice...
all photos from this great paper shop in Prague - Papelot



1 August 2011

We are back from southern Spain. Spent loads of time by the swimming pool and talking, eating and drinking in shade. It was great to be away.....

couple links for you:

this cute nursery

white kitten on white blanket :)

wouldn't this be good framed? 

love this superstar jewellery

fancy company and website

highly recommend this childrens lovely

this Berlin hotel

great stationary


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