Happy Christmas


21 December 2012

Have a lovely time with your family and friends wherever you are.

It's snowing outside,  this music playing....bliss

have a wonderful time!


be kind


17 December 2012

be kind
Last couple of weeks has been extremely busy, if you're one our customers, thank you!...
how are you all?

photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Christmas baking


13 December 2012

Hi it is Petra here today.

I want to share a few pictures from yesterday's gingerbread baking and making of the cardboard stove for our friends children today. When I made ​​the first stove of Ikea paper box two years ago for Hugo to play in order to "cook" on the floor while I'm cooking dinner I did not expect that it will become his favorite toy and will the last to this day!
If you like the idea for your kids or as a gift for the children of friends, you can find inspiration here. It's really easy. For sticking the box I used black adhesive foil and for the description white gel pen. You can cut through the front of the box and have tilting door for inserting baking sheet. I did not cut the box, because it serves as a box for storing H. kitchen utensils and wicker basket for shopping. I might gave the paper stove supplemented with small spoons, apron, or baking set to all the children of our friends and always brought great joy. Wish you wonderful Christmas time.

+ one inspiration for you here
See you next week!
photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss

our home in NEET magazine


10 December 2012

I really like feature of our home in the latest NEET magazine. Thank you so much!

party time!


7 December 2012

This time of the year can be sometimes very stressful, so this weekend is party time!

with this music.....and while dancing like CH.W. try to look as cool as Paul Newman:)

have a great one!

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her heart was a secret garden....


6 December 2012

secret garden
Have a lovely evening with this music.....

photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

the last gift guide from us


5 December 2012

S&B 1
S&B 2
All items are available from our shop - sarah&bendrix. 

Last days for Christmas delivery:


posters + cards - 7th December
framed pictures: 12th December

UK: all items 14th December

Christmas paper decorations


4 December 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.
A small Christmas tree drawing on a wrapping paper by my son has inspired me for creating more decorations and greeting cards over the weekend.
It is really easy. All you need is to cut out the shape of the trees and fish from the paper of your choice and you can create according to your own imagination. If you cut out different sized tree templates and bend them in the middle you can create forest. If you don't bend it you can have greeting cards and from the small ones name tags for gifts or on the Christmas table. When you decorate fish from both sides you can use them as pending decoration. Our “magical“ fish have scales from one side only. On the other one we will write wishes for our loved ones and friends. Wish you much joy in creating.

More inspiration here

See you next week!
photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss

being happy is productive


being happy
We have been Christmassy busy so just a few lovely images for you with some nice music....

photos : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

gift guide 8 - for home


3 December 2012

gift guide 6 - for home 1
Hi there! how was your weekend? We went away to Oxford for friends birthday and stayed in a hotel made out of prison, I won't name it, and I don't usually comment or review hotels here, but I was disappointed. Maybe it was just our room, but not a great value for the price. Just my personal opinion.

But anyway...here is couple more picks from Etsy. I looove the table!

1. feather art  original drawing - $185 + shipping
2. constellations wall hanging - $85 + shipping
3. large blue bowl - $90 + shipping
4. metallic cushion - $65 + shipping
5. coffee table - $290 + shipping
6. tea towel - $26 + shipping



30 November 2012

Just to say happy weekend with these images and this music.....
oh ye...there is also a competition over at our facebook page  to win some of our cards...
photos : 1, 2, 3, 4,   5, 

gift wrapping - 1


29 November 2012

There is so many beautiful gift wrapping ideas around these days. Lovely shiny stickers, masking tapes,  bakers twine, satin or velvet ribbons, wrapping papers and gift tags with twist. It can be good fun especially for kids to help with wrapping. You can wrap gifts in their drawings or they can create pictures or names with masking tape.....You can see some present gift ideas over here as well.  and some ideas for diy gifts here. 
Have a lovely evening!

1. Set of gift tags - $8.75 + shipping
2. 2 sheets of word search gift wrapping -$8.50+shipping
3. Black & gold bakers twine -$14+shipping
4. Soft pink gift tags -$3+shipping
5. Happy holidays -$3.50+shipping
6. Large triangle stickers-$3+shipping

a straw hat in the kitchen


28 November 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.

Stockholm based studio Oscar Properties managed to turn the old straw hat factory into a very pleasant place for living. I like style of kitchens, used materials and connection with outdoors. Straw hat decoration on the walls is a tasteful reminder of the site history.

More about studio projects here

See you next week!

advent calendar ideas


26 November 2012

There has been a big interest in our last year advent calendar and it's was also featured on a few blogs lately, thank you very much for that! I made one from envelopes, you can see it here. I'm not sure what I do this year yet, maybe I will just dust off the one from last year. But if you are still on inspiration hunt for unique advent calendar here is a small line up.

You can use paper, fabric bags, paper boxes, tins, envelopes and even toilet paper rolls. And what to put inside? The usual chocolate, small gifts, books, cosmetics, sweets, lego, and even saw somewhere love letters ( for every day, imagine that!)

I do like the idea of wine bottles, but not sure how long I could manage, I think I would be really worn down by mid of December.

If you are not  into all this but still want to celebrate time before Christmas you can lit a candle every day.....

Will  you be making one this year?

All ideas and much more in my Christmas board on Pinterest

gift guide 7 - for him


25 November 2012

What type of a gift do you buy or make  for a man in your life this year? a husband, dad or a friend?
A music, fashion or a sport lover? here is couple of ideas from Etsy.

1. Music speaker t-shirt-$22.50+shipping
2. Neighbor poster -$75+shipping
3. Leather keychain -$24.50+shipping
4. Waxed canvas rucksack-$198+shipping
5. Favourite lyrics framed picture - $75 + shipping
6. Leather iPad case - $79+shipping

pre - Christmas decoration at home


23 November 2012

I know,  I know it's really early but I was asked by certain online magazine to take photos of our house and could not resist to make it a bit more Christmassy. Also yes another sort of picture gallery wall, I just love doing them.....and moving them around. This one consist of posters from our shop and some my old drawings. 

I will be back with more holiday decoration ideas soon....

gift guide 6 - personalised


21 November 2012

Hi, how are you today? We are getting very busy with Christmas orders and I have started buying presents yesterday myself. What do you normally buy? Have you got any usual choices? books? music, clothes, jewellery, art?

I have a few tips for you again today. This time personalised items. Something meaningful, with little touch of personality and things you might treasure forever.

I'll be back tomorrow with some advent calendar ideas and more gift tips ....

1. Custom leather luggage tags - $30 + shipping
2. Personalised leather card holder - $74 + shipping
3. Personalised heart art - $72 + shipping
4. Custom bike badge - $22 + shipping
5. Personalised copper rings - $62 + shipping
6. Personalised family return address stamp -$29.95

creating with H.


20 November 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.

I like to work with paper and cards, creating with H. is relaxing for me, and enjoyment for him. Usually we fine with bits of paper or treasurers from our walks. It so sweet to see him how proud he is showing his creations to his friends and how much he loves playing with them. 
If you would like to try to make these paper trees as a Christmas decoration, it's really easy, follow here. 

See you next week! 

photos & styling by P.+V. Weiss   

for him & her


Present ideas from our shop. Posters, framed pictures, cards.....
sarah & bendrix

gift guide 5 - a baby


18 November 2012

it's time...


16 November 2012

to start thinking about Christmas decorations? I'm loving every single bit in these photos, very tempted to have a similar tree this year. Have a great weekend!

all photos from here

our products take pride....


Petra used to be our customer, then became my friend and now is also a contributor to this blog. She  took photos of products she purchased in her home. Don't they just look great? thank you!

gift guide 4 - a lady in black


15 November 2012

What colour do you usually wear in winter? There is always someone who only wears black and needs a lovely new leather bag or cute earrings. Moi included. Head over at Etsy to explore....

1. hand knitted cowl - $58+ shipping
2. leather bag - $285 + shipping
3. gold studs earrings - $24 + shipping
4. jumper - $42 + shipping
5. made to order Navajo blouse - $398 + shipping
6. slippers - $19 + shipping

gift guide 3 - little child


14 November 2012

gift guide 4 - little kids
Hi there. It's glorious day here in London today and it doesn't feel like it's only 6 weeks till Christmas. But if you are struggling to find a perfect gift for a little kiddo here are some suggestions.

1. helvetica alphabet poster - $50 + shipping
2. tepee - $150 + shipping
3. wooden rabbit piggy bank - $19.50 + shipping
4. dress sewing pattern - $9.45
5. 4 large colouring posters - $36 + shipping
6. deer pillow - 20 EU + shipping

Poilâne bakery


13 November 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.

Nearby Saatchi gallery in London is Cuisine de bar Poilâne. This place seems to be ideal lunch spot on my next trip to London. It connects all I like: my favorite district, pleasant interior furnished with the best of Danish design and French bread. So if you will happen to be around Sloane square you can stop by and find out whether theirs kitchen is as good as interior.

See you next week! 

more about Danish design here, here and here

snow white - letterpress cards


New truly magical letterpress cards for upcoming season. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Magic 2013...
Blind (no colour) handmade, one by one on a vintage press by Audrey. And imagine the envelopes are pressed as well. With little snowflakes....

to buy head over to our shop

gift guide 2 - jewellery lover


12 November 2012

gift guide 2 - jewellery lover
Hello there. Today gift guides for jewellery lovers. Again purely from Etsy sellers. Go and explore.....Which one's your favourite?

1. gold bead neckless - $25 + shipping
2. thorns ring - $77 + shipping
3. gold orchids neckless - $32 + shipping 
4. geometric wooden neckless - $32 + shipping
5. rope bracelet - $26 + shipping
6. pale blue ring - $50 + shipping

gift guide 1 - paper lovers


11 November 2012

gift guide 1 - for paper lovers
For next 4 weeks leading up to Christmas I will be creating small gift guides  to help you to find the perfect gifts. These gift guides will be entirely from Etsy products. I love Etsy and althought  it's huge and very daunting you can find real treasures. 
As a lot of products are made to order or shipped from different countries so don't forget to order in time. 

Today - for Paper Lovers

1. calligraphy stater kit -$35 + shipping
2. DIY printable business cards - $19 + shipping
3. letterpress birthday calendar - $30+ shipping
4. notebook - $8 + shipping
5. homework pencil box - $37.50 + shipping
6. custom stationary stamp - $40 + shipping

gift tags + wrapping paper for free


9 November 2012

hey look
Aren't these sweet? you can download these gift tags and wrapping paper for free over at hey look. I love the chalkboard background...

My parents have been staying with us for last two weeks, they had been huge help while A. was on school holidays and it was so lovely to have them around to talk to and spend time together. Week at the shop have been rather busy so as this weekend ahead of us we have couple birthdays parties and loads to catch up.
have a great one!

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