Poilâne bakery

13 November 2012

Hi, it is Petra here today.

Nearby Saatchi gallery in London is Cuisine de bar Poilâne. This place seems to be ideal lunch spot on my next trip to London. It connects all I like: my favorite district, pleasant interior furnished with the best of Danish design and French bread. So if you will happen to be around Sloane square you can stop by and find out whether theirs kitchen is as good as interior.

See you next week! 

more about Danish design here, here and here


  1. Looks very lovely. The Poilane bread is wonderful - have you seen the short video about the bakery in Paris? Here's the link......


  2. Thanks for this, it looks so lovely and I didn't know they'd opened a shop here. Doesn't Poîlane all go back to the same bit of yeast - like a genetic code? It certainly tastes good!

    I'm going to pin the first image with a link to your site. Hope that's ok, if not, let me know!

  3. p.s. put the circumflex little hat on the wrong letter! Should have read Poilâne, excuse my French :)


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