27 June 2010

I've started to be slightly obsessed with Oliver Jeffers. I mentioned here before how I love his books and illustrations, but last months I discovered 'Lost and Found' film as well. Incredibly sweet, I don't even mind my daughter watches it over and over again. I also bought one of his posters for A. bedroom, can't wait to see it. Have you got any of his books? Does anyone have ' The heart and the bottle' ? if yes what do you think of it? M. thinks he is terribly overrated and this book isn't for children at all...probably not, but I like it:)

from wings to the castle


23 June 2010

I think I first heard of Pedlars when Living etc. featured their Scotland home. My first purchase were these wings. We had them for quite a while above our bed, then they moved around the house a bit, as everything here, and ended up in A. bedroom. They are sold as a 'kids accessory' but when I saw them I though immediately that they would make a great wall 'art' (I just don't like the word 'feature'). I have been following their shop since then, receiving catalogues and observing how big and fantastic this little company became. So to my surprise couple of months ago I noticed they have a blog as well and become their follower and ...for becoming their follower I won this leather satchel! yippee!
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They run this completion every month and the only thing you have to do is to become their follower. But this time you can win something bigger. Weekend at Pedlards Holiday Home - Balbegno Castle. Sleeps 13 people, worth £3500. Not bad. I'm not really into entering completions, but you never know? I have my bag:)
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But anyway they sell great stuff, they seem really friendly and I definitely think of them very inspirational. So by the way - Thank you for my bag Charlie & Caroline! Pedlars

perfect shade of grey - help me decide


18 June 2010

I got inspired by Emma who runs series 'cast your vote' at her blog and I'm asking you here for help. I have been thinking about grey, dark grey wall for a while, as you might know..and I think the time has come. I would like to paint a wall in our bedroom. We are buying a new bed, another question...I want a bed without headboard, but is it really practical? my friend pointed, quite rightly the pillows falls behind a bed etc. or very low headboard. The rest of the room is white. White wardrobes, walls, floorboards. I'm not sure what shade of grey to choose and a little bit scared after living in almost completely white house for a while. At the moment my favourites are down pipe or railings. Has anyone got a wall painted in these colours? which one would you go for? any another tips? or shall I stick with white?
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simple shapes


17 June 2010

Vinyl removable wipeable stickers, in 22 different colours, notes and calender on the wall. Strong contender wall chart for A. as well. Great design, simple shapes!
simple shapessimple shapes

my home and thoughts at kavka


16 June 2010

home tour and a little interview with me at kavka. Please go and see, she has a great blog and very talented illustrator! her work!
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thank you Asia

when everything goes wrong


15 June 2010

I just have one of those days when nothing is right, and I'm extremely frustrated and ...off with everything. and then I saw this...:)
thanks Amy

it's all about A. in France


We had a great time with our friends in France. Little Anya turned 2 couple of days ago and from the photos I taken it seems, everything is about her. My sweet daughter was swimming like mad, peddling with her little feet and running around markets with a baby push chair, me ...slept healthy 8 hours a nigh, sunbathed, read, ate and drank a lot. very nice. Now back to rainy England :)
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These last photos are from our bathroom and dressing room of the gite we stayed in. It's owned by our friends and I just LOVED this room.



4 June 2010

Long hours, happiness, tiredness, joy, my life this month. Thank you Sharon ( from Real Simple) for giving me this opportunity. Off to France for a week with M. and Anya to stay with our friends! Can't wait, exhaustion is knocking on a door. How are you ? anyone there?

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