from wings to the castle

23 June 2010

I think I first heard of Pedlars when Living etc. featured their Scotland home. My first purchase were these wings. We had them for quite a while above our bed, then they moved around the house a bit, as everything here, and ended up in A. bedroom. They are sold as a 'kids accessory' but when I saw them I though immediately that they would make a great wall 'art' (I just don't like the word 'feature'). I have been following their shop since then, receiving catalogues and observing how big and fantastic this little company became. So to my surprise couple of months ago I noticed they have a blog as well and become their follower and ...for becoming their follower I won this leather satchel! yippee!
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They run this completion every month and the only thing you have to do is to become their follower. But this time you can win something bigger. Weekend at Pedlards Holiday Home - Balbegno Castle. Sleeps 13 people, worth £3500. Not bad. I'm not really into entering completions, but you never know? I have my bag:)
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But anyway they sell great stuff, they seem really friendly and I definitely think of them very inspirational. So by the way - Thank you for my bag Charlie & Caroline! Pedlars


  1. Great satchel. What a cool colour for summer. Now I'm going over to Pedlars to take a late night look around. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Great bag. I have a soft spot for satchels like that as I remember having a proper satchel as my very first school bag.

  3. If I can win a bag like that I will definitely join! thanks.


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