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18 June 2010

I got inspired by Emma who runs series 'cast your vote' at her blog and I'm asking you here for help. I have been thinking about grey, dark grey wall for a while, as you might know..and I think the time has come. I would like to paint a wall in our bedroom. We are buying a new bed, another question...I want a bed without headboard, but is it really practical? my friend pointed, quite rightly the pillows falls behind a bed etc. or very low headboard. The rest of the room is white. White wardrobes, walls, floorboards. I'm not sure what shade of grey to choose and a little bit scared after living in almost completely white house for a while. At the moment my favourites are down pipe or railings. Has anyone got a wall painted in these colours? which one would you go for? any another tips? or shall I stick with white?
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  1. For a bedroom and if you are only doing one wall I would go with a dark grey. I think since bedrooms are more intimate spaces they can take dark colours really well. I would go with a small bedhead, we have a bed in our guest room without a borad and the pillows do fall through. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  2. I would say it depends on the amount of light in the room. I'm also re-doing our bedroom and only the other day I blogged for myself no.1 of your pics (left)!! I love the drama of dark grey and as you have all white, I think it would work. But I do love the dreamy softness of the lighter greys - very soothing and peaceful. Good luck with your room!

  3. I love Hardwick White by Farrow and Ball - may not be quite as dark a grey as you are after but its sooooo nice I am determined to use it in my house somewhere soon!

  4. As you know, I have dark grey walls in my bedroom and I love how warm and cocooning it feels. However, If I had to do it all again I might do a soft grey bedroom like on this site (look for white and grey bedroom under interiors)

    I do find pillows fall behind the bed without a headboard. Is there a reason you don't want one?

  5. I love both shades, as I am a huge fan of grey. Whatever you decide I am going to enjoy the outcome, you have a fab eye for design x

  6. I love the gets a bit darker at night but not too dark.

  7. Hmmm... a dark grey could look really good. We painted out room Resene Paints Mondo, and it looked fab. Being an all-white kind of person I was quite nervous, but absolutely love it.

  8. Hard to choose, but I love the top right dark grey. It has a warmness and is totally chic, especially with other walls in white. Looking forward to seeing your bedroom transformation.

  9. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy to find your blog.
    Please stop by and say hi. xo


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