dietlind wolf ... easter


30 March 2012

We are visiting my parents at the moment, having longer weekend break and celebrating family birthdays.....I leave you for now with this wonderful Easter styling from Dietlind Wolf.  Have a great weekend!
photos: walter cimbal julia hoersch ulrike holsten sonja tobias
styling:  Dietlind Wolf. 

be not turn 40


28 March 2012

Birthday card from ever so talented Penny Leaver Green. Check her flickr photostream for more of her work..and her website, wonderful stuff...

if I was getting married....3.


27 March 2012

photos: hydrangea, cushions, ring, envelope card, dress, purple chair, cake+table setting+lanterns+white dress+ little girl, number, wedding couple, blackboard, painting, scarf

This time with splash of purple...I love some these ideas. Scrap paper light which you can do it yourself! Black board with names as photo background, envelope card for secret messages and dip dyed scarf....



26 March 2012

Australian Interior Design Awards


24 March 2012


I just spent about an hour admiring all these houses with huge amount of space and light. If all the houses in Australia look like this M. doesn't have to persuade me of moving there for too much longer...just kidding! If you follow me on pinterest you could see the photos flooding into my board, no seriously there is so much more to see where this came from....all house on these photos have been selected for Australian Interior Design Awards. Head over there for more inspiration but I warned you!

my favourite food is chocolate


23 March 2012

A. at room to bloom
Her real answer was chocolate and broccoli (not together)...head over to room to bloom  to read what my daughter likes to do and what she wants to be when she grows up.....

if I was getting married...2.


22 March 2012

This time in black & white. Bride - a long white lacy dress, bridesmaids - black dresses, groom - all in black. Tiny touch of gold, simple elegant lines with delicate details. White flowers, gold rings, letterpress invitations, b&w framed decoration for the wedding table, white napkins and gold cutlery.....classy and simple. 



21 March 2012


On Sunday we went to Shere. It's a little village not far from us and it's probably the most famous from the film Holiday. Have you seen it? When we got back A. played "the maps" with M. She loves talking  about capitals and countries. Her favourite is Australia...What a surprise? M. is trying to persuade the whole family of moving there for couple of years. I have never been, but he swears when I go I will instantly love it. Have you been?

a house tour from austin


19 March 2012

Like this home a lot. Especially the idea of hanging photos and postcards from the ceiling giving plain grey staircase completely different dimension....the full house tour here

mint green + orange


18 March 2012

There are certain colours or combinations I don't like at first but become to love later. This is one of them...but when it comes to my personal wardrobe I could probably get away with red/orange but pale green - mint green, is absolute no no for me. But it does look divide on her.

happy weekend + mother's day


16 March 2012


Any plans for this weekend? in UK we are celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday so as I'm mum myself I hope for some sweet surprise from A. Morning kiss and a picture would be perfect....have a great one!
photos by me

in her world


15 March 2012

A. is going to be 4 in summer. She loves to paint, play silly games like being a ribbon princess, goes to ballet and loves anything purple and pink. And yes - she LOVES to read. anything and anywhere. If you in London I recommend to take your little one to Tate Modern. We go about once a month and couple of weeks ago we went to see this exhibition. I didn't expect to see almost anything with 3 year old, as she constantly runs around and walking slowly is literally impossible, but it's always great day out. They also have this "sticker room" there at the moment, which was fantastic...I read about it  here

if I was getting married....1.


14 March 2012

Inspired by spring fresh weather full of green, with a bit of sun but still cold mornings I created this wedding moodboard. Combination of white, grey and green with pops of gold to create a luxury but relaxed feel with quirky touches. I decided to add this regular feature to my blog and called it : "If I was getting married".... I will show you my picks for the perfect wedding, exactly the ones I would chose myself, if I wasn't married already.

photos from the top: table setting, long dress, sparkly pumps, jacket, cakes, artwork, dress, bottles, artwork, peg, just hitched, hanging books, dress, neckeles, space, stationary, ring, grey jacket
I like the mixture of delicate fabrics with rough stones, somber grey and sparkly gold, soft details and laid back but well thought styling...what about you? are you married or single? what was your wedding like?

around the garden


13 March 2012

I have been enjoying the spring weather so much! last couple of Sunday afternoons I spent in the garden, digging, replanting, creating the perfect green room...Inspired by this space, I have a long way to go, but its very enjoyable process. I used to hate gardening as a child, its funny how we turn into our parents as we get older and do and enjoy exactly the same things....



10 March 2012

from here

am I really that busy?


9 March 2012

Last couple of days I came across this girl few times on different blogs and I just had to share it with you (incase you have not met her yet). Her name is Ariele. She is a designer and furniture maker living in Brooklyn and the stuff she does-very inspiring. Ariele makes tables, chairs, chopping boards, cabinets and headboards out of reclaimed wood. She also designs and produces lights. And she even designed and built this restaurant for her father! how cool is that? very clever girl...if you like what you see, head over to her blog and there are also articles about her here and here . AND... if you want to read more stories about people who love making things with their hands go over to the project - The Makers (which I mentioned here before but since then they added new people). I haven't made anything more elaborate ( cabinet or some sort of piece of furniture for ages) and now I feel very inspired. There is always the excuse of not having enough time. But really? am I too busy? after reading this I might change my thinking:)'s so right.

alketaz pazis


8 March 2012

As I'm still pondering over choice of dark wall colour in our living room, this is the right example how to do it. Just beautiful. more photos and about here. have a great day!

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