if I was getting married....1.

14 March 2012

Inspired by spring fresh weather full of green, with a bit of sun but still cold mornings I created this wedding moodboard. Combination of white, grey and green with pops of gold to create a luxury but relaxed feel with quirky touches. I decided to add this regular feature to my blog and called it : "If I was getting married".... I will show you my picks for the perfect wedding, exactly the ones I would chose myself, if I wasn't married already.

photos from the top: table setting, long dress, sparkly pumps, jacket, cakes, artwork, dress, bottles, artwork, peg, just hitched, hanging books, dress, neckeles, space, stationary, ring, grey jacket
I like the mixture of delicate fabrics with rough stones, somber grey and sparkly gold, soft details and laid back but well thought styling...what about you? are you married or single? what was your wedding like?


  1. Gorgeous collection. There do seem to be so many wonderful and inspirational wedding ideas around these days. I'd love to get married again - to the same man for sure.

  2. Drool-worthy, absolutely stunning dresses and wedding themes! Especially love the dome, cakes and what looks like flags or ribbons on top!

  3. I know what you mean Victoria!:) there seems to be so many more things these days, or perhaps I'm paying more attention to them...


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