do you remember Pompom?


26 February 2011

I just read this interview about Pompom and had to share it. I love cats, haven't got any now but this one is just the cutest thing. I know...One of the readers commented: "It's like he's been genetically enhanced for extreme cuteness!" ...damn right click here to read more
Picture 48

have a great weekend


25 February 2011

I had a bit more time this week to cross lines on my list, did some painting and diy, I will show you the results next week. This weekend M. has birthday so a bit of entertaining and hopefully time to catch up on sleep and reading. What are you up to? anything interesting?...Here is my latest inspiration from houzz
Picture 41Picture 44Picture 43Picture 42Picture 32Picture 29Picture 35Picture 36Picture 33Picture 37Picture 39Picture 40

don't you just love shops like that ?


23 February 2011

Picture 15Picture 18Picture 17Picture 21Picture 16Picture 13Picture 14
beautiful shop  in Melbourne and  very pretty home of the owner

scotch & soda


22 February 2011

Picture 20Picture 14Picture 22Picture 23Picture 28Picture 33
I bought couple tops last year and love them! They have very nice kids stuff as well...
scotch & soda

i love summer


21 February 2011

As much I was hoping spring is around the corner, the weather is still very cold and miserable. But what do you think of this house? looks so perfect, so fresh, happy and summery! where are you sun??
Picture 44Picture 40Picture 38Picture 39Picture 37Picture 43Picture 45
via design sponge
and another great home tour over there...let me know what you think of the peeling paint! like x dislike?



20 February 2011

pretty stationary and styling, love the first image! how is your weekend?
Picture 49Picture 53Picture 51Picture 48Picture 52

the independent


Picture 54

happy weekend everyone


17 February 2011

time to hide behind a book


16 February 2011

Just need to have couple days off, time to create and think in quite. See you later...
Hello, Lovers.
click on the photo to see the source, no that's not me...:)



15 February 2011

Picture 42
wouldn't you want to be a child again? sleep long hours and dream all day?
sorry not sure where I found the photo


14 February 2011

have a great weekend


11 February 2011

What are you up to this weekend? I will be going to cinema and having dinner with friends, thinking about future and enjoying first green leaves on trees. Beautiful fresh apartment and more pretty inspiration under the post. Have a great one!
Picture 31Picture 32Picture 35Picture 33Picture 38Picture 40Picture 37Picture 39Picture 36
found here

more prettiness...



and here

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