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30 August 2012


There are some serious beauties when it comes to bikes. I love cycling and cycle a lot and have fairly standard black Carrera bike, which is quite heavy and let's say boring. Don't get me wrong the bike is completely fine but you just know one of these would cycle soo much better....

all photos from  here

children's bedroom inspiration + I'm moving out


29 August 2012

It has been a while since I posted some kids bedroom inspiration. Our house is going through another small change as I'm moving my studio/office out. Decision purely based on practicalities, I don't have enough space for keeping all frames, boxes and everything else in my current room. It's been a tough decision, a bit scary I have to say. It feels like a really big step for me and my business. 
I love working from home and although it can be a bit lonely and do get cabin fever quite lot, it's just so convenient and comfortable. My current studio in our house is not small, but it's just not enough any more. 
I will soon let you know more about it, who I work with, who helps me out and how it's all running. 

But back to kids rooms. Anya will move her room from her tiny English "cupboard" to my current office. So a bit decorating is coming my way. As time will allow...

I especially like displays of children's artwork in some of these rooms, keeping it flexible, easy and happy. 

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Mummy surprise!


28 August 2012

Hi, it's Petra here today. Back in spring my son Hugo discovered gardening and was desperate to grow something himself in our garden. Last year he underwent  a serious operation and we used to put cream from marigold plants to heal his scar. So that's why his choice was the same plant. 

In April he planted the seeds and was patiently observing every week how they grow. Finally last month they were in full bloom and one day he came from the garden with words: " Mummy surprise! That's for you to make you happy and to know I love you..." It was wonderful. 
It was one of the moments when you think you child is just amazing and you are so happy being a mum. 
And then he made me a picture as well.....

See you next week! Petra

photos & styling by P.&V. Weiss

if I was getting married....11. (and about pink)


25 August 2012

I don't give special meaning to colours and I treat pink as another shade not an attitude and style of life. Of course too much pink could be sickening, but to me so as bright orange on kids and dark green next my face. 
So yes I do like pink, I wear it sometimes and don't have much of it at home, but I don't mind if my daughter occasionally put it on ( although she is actually not that bothered any more:). I don't believe that moderated pink in her life is going to change her into a sweet princess. Of course there are other things as characters on TV and books which are associated with all this talk, but that's completely another story....

So this time, I'm getting married and bathing in pink sweet bubble  of iced coffee, rum, peach and cream....but tastefully:)

listening to this....

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anna williams


22 August 2012

I saw these photos almost two months ago but still coming back to them over and over again. I love the colours, feel, styling. Simply everything. J'adore.
photos anna williams, head over here to see the full set - undone

welcome Petra!


21 August 2012

Last week I promised you I will be introducing a new contributor to this blog. So here she is! Welcome! and with it comes a story about how we met....

Last year after Christmas I received an email from Petra. She wrote to me about how she found photos on flickr  of our house and projects I was doing with Anya. We shared the same taste when it came to cole&son wallpapers, wooden toys for kids, blogs and we are both from Czech. From there she found my shop and bought pictures and posters for herself and her clients.....We soon become email friends, writing about work, kids and interesting sites and people. 

Petra is an interior stylist who lives in Prague with her photographer husband and 4 year old son Hugo. She used to work for magazines before she fell pregnant and now dedicates time to her interior design practise and her little boy. 

We met this spring in Prague and then again couple of times this summer. My daughter loves Hugo, even so much she said last time we left them. " You know mum, he is quite cute. He is my boyfriend now"...:):)

So back to this blog. Petra will be writing here about projects with her son, showing her beautiful photos and sharing tips and ideas. 
 styling by Petra Weiss + photos Vladimir Weiss



20 August 2012

Hi there, we are having summer sale in our shop. All posters are included.

Discount 30% from 20th to 27th August 2012. Enter the code: SUMMERSALE after you add your item into a basket.  shop here. Worldwide shipping. 

holiday home


17 August 2012

Not sure if you remember from last summer I talked about a house we owe in one really small Czech village. It's not far from a city so it has the perfect combination. But once you there it feels like million miles away from it all. We have repaired couple more rooms this year and it slowly coming together. As any old house ( 300 years old) everything takes a lot of time, hard work and money, so it's slow process but it's wort it. 
This year A. spent almost a month with my parents and I joined them for two weeks, but honestly I wish it could be there for longer. We swan in a river, played badminton in the evening and spent lot of time with family and friends. Ate well, picked berries from our garden, drank a lot of wine and beer and even was learning how to balance on a rope. I'm telling you not easy!
A. didn't miss us at all, she grew up so much in those weeks...summer holiday as it should be.

Enjoy the good weather and another summer weekend!

through the glass


16 August 2012

shops in amsterdam
shops in amsterdamshops in amsterdamshops in amsterdamshops in amsterdamshops in amsterdam
I love going into new shops, especially small boutique places that seems almost hidden, it's like finding a treasure somewhere you don't expect it.  
I read  a book - Amsterdam : Made by Hand,  before we went and it was my little guide. So thank you Pia! I bought a tea pot  in one of the shops and it's so sweet. lovely stuff on their site too...
by the way the first photo is a hairdresser window, but I liked it too much not to take a photo...

in amsterdam


15 August 2012

Hi there, I'm back, recharged, full of ideas and projects. Thank you all for coming back. I hope you are having nice summer and have some time to relax.  I will be introducing a new contributor to this blog next week...can't wait:). But for now...

Couple of weeks ago we visited Amsterdam for a few days. The weather was fantastic, everyone relaxing, dining and drinking on their houseboats or by the river, looking chilled and cool. In the end we stayed in this hotel, which was great, ate in here, walked a lot , took the boat trip and did  a bit of shopping...I could easily live there. What a great city! tomorrow I show you few more photos from there through the shop windows...
see you later!

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