children's bedroom inspiration + I'm moving out

29 August 2012

It has been a while since I posted some kids bedroom inspiration. Our house is going through another small change as I'm moving my studio/office out. Decision purely based on practicalities, I don't have enough space for keeping all frames, boxes and everything else in my current room. It's been a tough decision, a bit scary I have to say. It feels like a really big step for me and my business. 
I love working from home and although it can be a bit lonely and do get cabin fever quite lot, it's just so convenient and comfortable. My current studio in our house is not small, but it's just not enough any more. 
I will soon let you know more about it, who I work with, who helps me out and how it's all running. 

But back to kids rooms. Anya will move her room from her tiny English "cupboard" to my current office. So a bit decorating is coming my way. As time will allow...

I especially like displays of children's artwork in some of these rooms, keeping it flexible, easy and happy. 

all images from here


  1. Hermosas ideas para inspirarse, coloridas ambientaciones, me encantan! Saludos!!

  2. A big step, but it is a leap of faith. I am very excited for you, D xx

  3. Nice inspiration for kids room. Kids are great artists and interior stylists :-) Looking forward to seeing A's new spaces.


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