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30 August 2012


There are some serious beauties when it comes to bikes. I love cycling and cycle a lot and have fairly standard black Carrera bike, which is quite heavy and let's say boring. Don't get me wrong the bike is completely fine but you just know one of these would cycle soo much better....

all photos from  here


  1. Great bikes! I have such on my wish list.

  2. Great images and a great way to keep in shape! I've been thinking about a boring old stationery exercise bike to tone up with :) somehow I think your bike experience will be more fun than mine!

  3. Nice bikes. I like biking too, always on lousy ones, but get to love all of them :-)

  4. where did you get the picture of the guy with the mustache riding the bike? I think it's great and would love to frame it!


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