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30 April 2010

When I was a child we had a white wall in our hallway which my parents used as a big notice board. We wrote telephone numbers and addresses there and also my mum would mark our heigh every so often. The wall is now gone but I would love to create similar thing in our home. I have been playing with the idea for a very long time and still can't decide where and what to do. The position of the height chart has moved from the upstairs landing to A. bedroom and now I have set my mind on the kitchen wall, I just have to decide what to do. I have this vivid idea in my head of black painted chalkboard tape running from the ceiling to the floor, one side would be a tape measure the second one we would mark the height of the kids. But there is no time...So I might just buy one of these. So what do you think? Which one would you go for?
This 'tape measure' from Graham and Green is so far my favourite.
What a great idea! I have seen something similar as a mirror as well.
1. Graham and Green 2. Bodie and Fou 3. I want one of Those 4. Ferm Living 5. The Gifted Penguin

luscious green parks


29 April 2010

We had an absolutely glorious warm day yesterday. Stayed outside all afternoon, wearing short sleeves for the first time this year and enjoyed walking and spending time together. A. is now incredibly adorable, talking, singing and running a lot. She is going to be 2 in June, wonderful age.
One thing about England I really like is the amount of parks and luckily we have one huge one just around the corner. I love going for walks. Ideal Sunday morning starts with big breakfast, long walk, reading papers and lazing around with family or friends. What about you? how do you usually spend your Sunday mornings?

seriously cool


27 April 2010

250sq foot house created for $32.000 from a garage. Furnished with salvaged and reclaimed items this place is a one big great idea. Simple, practical, smart and best of all created on very modest budget. Clever lady she is.
Home tour click here.
via poppytalk

Frank Gonzales


Through the wonderful world of blogs I came across this great New York based artist. I love his paintings (and there is something about birds lately I really like). More to see at his website and he also has a blog where he documents his work. Incredibly interesting to see how people create....

we came back


26 April 2010

Hi there! sorry for not being around but we got back last Thursday (after paying extra ridiculous! money for our flights) and I haven't stopped since then. The catalogue keeps me really busy. Here are some snaps from our holidays at my parents last couple of weeks. Once more it was, friends, great food and wine, time with my family and visit to zoo as well... how exciting for two year old! how have you been?

extended holidays


21 April 2010

We had to extend our holidays here in Czech due to the flight situation in Europe, no planes or airports were working for last 6 days. Hopefully we will be able to to fly tomorrow. It was lovely to spend some extra time with my family and friends, but we both getting very nervous about the amount of work waiting for us back home. I think I will forget about sleep for next couple of weeks:) But for now you can dream about living or visiting this wonderful house...and what a house!
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Take a tour of this beauty here.

stylish living


18 April 2010


very long wedding weekend


15 April 2010

A. is having an afternoon nap with M. He arrived yesterday, tired from travelling and last nights alcohol joined her and sleeps on the sofa next to me. I'm browsing my favourite blogs and sites. Days are getting busier and busier with excess alcohol and food bigger and bigger. Our friends are getting married on Saturday and by Sunday we will have five nights of dining and drinking, not that the wedding is that long, but there is lot of friends to see...I will be a very tired girl next week:)
After scrolling down on my blog roll here are some picks:

I would like to wear this dreamy dress

Can I get this bike please?

and this polar bear as well

I would like to live in this house

this made me dream

have a great weekend everyone!

talking to builders


13 April 2010

This week I have been talking to buildres, a lot. I don't how you feel about "them" for me it's always the same story. So far...
There is the little grin, the rised eyebrows, the small comments. Are you sure? hm...we usually don't do that...that is going to be expensive...
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Last year we decided to save our old country house and so far we rewired, built and knock some walls. This week I have been choosing tiles, boiler, shower screen, wooden floors, kitchen...and talking to builders. A lot.
For me is pretty simple. I tell you what I want, you tell me if you can do it and for how much. I don't do chatting, sandwiches and beers (in Czech). Occasional small talk and cup of tea ( in UK) is fine with me. Work hard be appreciated well. Simple. Too tough?
What about you? What experience do you have with builders? any interesting stories to share ?:)

miko design


12 April 2010

A while ago Amy blogged about Miko Design. Erika from Holland creates wonderful printed fabrics, t- shirts, bags and doll kits. Love! But there is one more thing you have to go and see...Recently her daughter celebrated 7th birthday and Erika prepared Paris themed party. Visit to Paris, paper garland made of Paris map and Metro tickets, sweets, matching creative! Have a look yourself!
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Erika's blog, etsy shop, website. have a great day!

chalkboard walls and more


11 April 2010

just discovered this very inspiring lady. You can read how she created this chalkboard wall here and find more interesting projects at Janell's blog. See you later!

I'm here at the moment


10 April 2010

My home town Pilsen(Plzen). Visiting my parents, staying for couple of weeks...will be posting more later:) see you are you?

sharon montrose


7 April 2010

have you ever seen a giraffe being photographed ? great video, amazing work of Sharon Montrose.

this weekend


6 April 2010

Thank you everyone for Birthday Congratulations and yes I had a great weekend. I dined, danced, ate lot of chocolate, spent time with family and friends. Wonderful. Although I didn't managed to do any Easter decoration, yellow tulips and new cushion cover slipped into our house. and little A. really enjoyed her egg hunts, at grandparents and in Ham house. How about you? how was your Easter weekend?

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