very long wedding weekend

15 April 2010

A. is having an afternoon nap with M. He arrived yesterday, tired from travelling and last nights alcohol joined her and sleeps on the sofa next to me. I'm browsing my favourite blogs and sites. Days are getting busier and busier with excess alcohol and food bigger and bigger. Our friends are getting married on Saturday and by Sunday we will have five nights of dining and drinking, not that the wedding is that long, but there is lot of friends to see...I will be a very tired girl next week:)
After scrolling down on my blog roll here are some picks:

I would like to wear this dreamy dress

Can I get this bike please?

and this polar bear as well

I would like to live in this house

this made me dream

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, great links to browse through this morning for me over my breakfast.
    Have a great time at the wedding.

  2. Sounds like a great time is being had over there, and like you may need another holiday afterwards! Enjoy. Great links as well. I saw that dress too - love it.

  3. thank you both:), yes...I think I will need another holiday:)


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