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13 April 2010

This week I have been talking to buildres, a lot. I don't how you feel about "them" for me it's always the same story. So far...
There is the little grin, the rised eyebrows, the small comments. Are you sure? hm...we usually don't do that...that is going to be expensive...
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Last year we decided to save our old country house and so far we rewired, built and knock some walls. This week I have been choosing tiles, boiler, shower screen, wooden floors, kitchen...and talking to builders. A lot.
For me is pretty simple. I tell you what I want, you tell me if you can do it and for how much. I don't do chatting, sandwiches and beers (in Czech). Occasional small talk and cup of tea ( in UK) is fine with me. Work hard be appreciated well. Simple. Too tough?
What about you? What experience do you have with builders? any interesting stories to share ?:)


  1. I find most of them assume I don't know what I am talking about because I am a woman and they try and get me to do things I don't want or need to do and charge me too much money. I still get angry when I think back to a builder who installed a door for us. He charged me for materials he didn't use, left the house a mess, and when I complained about him to his boss he acted like I was a stupid woman who knew nothing. Having said that, I have worked with a few builders that are really great. They are the ones I rehire again and again.

  2. Hmmm, I had to think about whether I wanted to get stuck into this subject or not... *Sigh* I find working with builders maddening. i have since come to the conclusion that the person who wedges themselves between a client and a builder, willingly, needs their head examined.

    Unfortunately for me, I am a fairly young looking/softly spoken blonde female, so irrespective of the fact that I've been running my own business for years and I have a number of projects under my belt (AND I'm giving them work), I have to manage builders and their egos and it is ridiculous. Mostly it starts like this: they're all chatty, jovial (inappropriately flirtatious - which I ignore/discourage - I've even taken to wearing a fake wedding ring onsite) until it comes to pulling them up on time keeping/shoddy work etc. Then things get hostile and fast and it doesn't matter how I play it, I can't win with them. I find working with them so difficult that I've changed the way I run my business because really, it shouldn't be like this. Where is their professionalism?


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