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31 March 2011

While I have been really busy with finishing last minute orders for Mother's Day ( in UK 3th April) I have been thinking about a lot of smaller projects around the house. Since we finished our loft conversion back in December, there is suddenly a lot of things that need to be changed, painted and moved around. You know, paint one wall and you feel you have to paint the whole house. No in reality I moved some furniture upstairs, my work space has it's own room etc. so...I have one dilemma in out kitchen/dining room. We have a sloped ceiling with spotlights ( all done before we moved in) and I don't like it. No it's fine, just very cold light. I have solved the problem in past with small lights on side table or standing floor light on the corner. But my dream is to have large ceiling pendant.
Picture 12Picture 11Picture 4
But how can I do that? is completely impossible? how is going to look? One of my though was to use string lights, like on first two pictures. But it sort of feel like compromise again. So what do you think? 
Picture 9Picture 10DSC_0008
The last photo is our kitchen, the table is actually much less orange then on this photo:) I would love to have a large pendant hung low above the dining table. It would be so inviting, cozy and warm... let me know what you think? do you have a ceiling like that at home and what lights have you got? any thoughts? Thank you!
photos click to see the source: 1-, 2 -, 3- , 4 and 5, 6 - my home

pink horse?


29 March 2011

Picture 26
love it, the styling, so optimistic, masking tape at the background, sweet..
from here

early spring in Ireland?


24 March 2011

Picture 12Picture 11Picture 18Picture 14Picture 13Picture 17Picture 28Picture 29Picture 27
Who would think these great shots are from sunny California. Very simple and elegant styling, all in the details...Are you doing anything special this weekend? I will try to catch up with friends, do a bit of gardening and generally enjoy the wonderful weather.  have a good one everyone:)
all images snippet & ink

some kind of wonderful


Picture 26
If I was to get married again, this might be my dress. Not sure If I could get away with the head piece but the layers, lace, softness...some kind of wonderful



This is one of my recent custom orders. I used wedding invitation which I copied and then cut into hearts. I really enjoyed doing it. I hope the happy couple from NY liked it as well. sarah & bendrix

here you are...she said


23 March 2011

that's for you mummy.. this little flower...She will be 3 in June and I love her to bits. My little A. The weather is gorgeous now, full spring, everything looks and seems much better in sunny light...have a good day!

latest inspiration from skonahem


22 March 2011

Picture 57Picture 58Picture 56Picture 53Picture 55Picture 52
loving the all grey apartment, oversized ceiling light, oh so gorgeous... and black white dining room, perfection...skonahem

like these..


Picture 59
aren't they great, they would be perfect for kids party...talking hand tatoos



21 March 2011

Picture 60
Jon Snow's tsunami diary .... watch here



19 March 2011

With huge help of my sister here is a short guide for Prague. Interesting galleries, shops and good restaurants. Lets start with galleries...
Picture 46Picture 48
DOX- Centre of Contemporary Art, modern art, large rooftop terrace, 10 min from city centre, (small Tate Modern)
Picture 43
Museum Kampa - renovated old mill, literally few steps from Charles Bridge, right in the heart of the city, beautiful walk by  river, modern art, permanent exhibition of Frantisek Kupka and loads more

more links - Galerie Rudolfinum Czech Design, City Gallery Prague

Picture 50
Futurista - great selection of Czech Design, ( from earrings to furniture) blogged about this shop before,
must visit!
Kubista - contemporary Czech Design
Botas - trainers lover?, old Czech classic
Papelote - paper goodies
Picture 51
more links: - czech etsy - info about Czech Designers, design etc. -current Czech fashion
Picture 44Picture 45
Ambiente - Czech modern kitchen
Cafe Savoy
Cestr - brand new restaurant, Czech kitchen
Potrefena Husa - chain of very good puby restaurants, great food, beer menus etc.
Picture 34
Picture 33
Very cool, secret restaurant :)...Avion 58
vegetarian - Maitrea , Lehka Hlava
top ten restaurants in Prague - here 
Picture 39Picture 36
more good restaurants here 
Picture 40 - theatre, dance, music - experimental theatre - concerts, independent... - bar, restaurant, exhibitions - concerts, experimental space - parties, dance music, restaurant - jazz on river, restaurant

+ there is loads of jazz clubs in centre of Prague

Cinemas :

art cinemas, English 

Picture 47

If you are planning to visit another parts, towns in Czech I recommend : 
Cesky Krumlov
Marianske Lazne 
Kutna Hora
.................and there is so much more...but I hope this can help a bit

Have a good weekend!

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