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31 March 2011

While I have been really busy with finishing last minute orders for Mother's Day ( in UK 3th April) I have been thinking about a lot of smaller projects around the house. Since we finished our loft conversion back in December, there is suddenly a lot of things that need to be changed, painted and moved around. You know, paint one wall and you feel you have to paint the whole house. No in reality I moved some furniture upstairs, my work space has it's own room etc. so...I have one dilemma in out kitchen/dining room. We have a sloped ceiling with spotlights ( all done before we moved in) and I don't like it. No it's fine, just very cold light. I have solved the problem in past with small lights on side table or standing floor light on the corner. But my dream is to have large ceiling pendant.
Picture 12Picture 11Picture 4
But how can I do that? is completely impossible? how is going to look? One of my though was to use string lights, like on first two pictures. But it sort of feel like compromise again. So what do you think? 
Picture 9Picture 10DSC_0008
The last photo is our kitchen, the table is actually much less orange then on this photo:) I would love to have a large pendant hung low above the dining table. It would be so inviting, cozy and warm... let me know what you think? do you have a ceiling like that at home and what lights have you got? any thoughts? Thank you!
photos click to see the source: 1-, 2 -, 3- , 4 and 5, 6 - my home


  1. I'm with you on the dilemma - I've been in search of the perfect light fixture for my dining room - and despite months of searching and numerous trials - I have yet to find one. Good luck.

    PS - I love the large woven shade but also think a DIY Lindsay Aldeman would be a great addition to the room. []

  2. Lovely images, including your home, as for a huge lighting, go for it x

  3. I think that you need lamp with long cord. I used Norm lamps and hooks.

  4. I love the garland on the fist pic and I have been trying to find similar ones in the UK (no luck) but have you thought of this cluster light?

  5. We've just had our outhouses converted into a garden room and we also now have a sloped ceiling with a velux slap bang in the centre. The architect noted down 4 lights at each corner as yours is but I didn't like the idea. I had actually already got the fitting I wanted well over a year ago and it was hanging in my bedroom.
    The only problem is that having a velux in the centre meant the fitting would be off. In the end we just hung it at the top of the velux so it had a long cord. Your dilemma is much more complex because you need it to sit over your table. You could get a long arm arc lamp with a shade on? Do they exist? What about fitting a pendant to one side of the velux and somehow have another cord on the opposite side? holding the main drop light to make it sit centrally. In effect it will sit like a swing between two cords? If you sit it low enough it won't block light from your velux in the day. Don't know if that makes any sense. Hope you find a solution you are happy with : )

  6. i have a very sloped ceiling & over my table a have a large George Nelson bubble lamp. Yes you see them everywhere but for a reason - they are kinda perfect.

  7. I love that bird lamp shade so much!

  8. I would put a nice inspirational or happy art on one of the rooms :)


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