luscious green parks

29 April 2010

We had an absolutely glorious warm day yesterday. Stayed outside all afternoon, wearing short sleeves for the first time this year and enjoyed walking and spending time together. A. is now incredibly adorable, talking, singing and running a lot. She is going to be 2 in June, wonderful age.
One thing about England I really like is the amount of parks and luckily we have one huge one just around the corner. I love going for walks. Ideal Sunday morning starts with big breakfast, long walk, reading papers and lazing around with family or friends. What about you? how do you usually spend your Sunday mornings?


  1. Hi - love the picture of the daisy shoes with the real daisies. So sweet. I agree about being outside, its such a treat. Two is a wonderful age as you get your first glimpse of their little character, it only gets better! x

  2. Beautiful shots, love the shoes...great new headed/title by the way x

  3. Love the shoes! Lovely to be out walking in the park isn't it.

  4. Great age isn't it. My little lovely will be 2 in Sept and she is so much fun. Today she loved splashing in the paddling pool and sandpit in the garden. Sunny days.

  5. Parks are the best, our Sundays are often spent running around one of the many parks we have in our suburb. Often we head to one that has a little bike track perfect for littlies their age, there is a cofee shop around the corner from most parks so mum and dad get a nice cuppa while the boys run around.


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